Hobosaurus Rex

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You start towards the mine entrance, when you hear a deafening roar from behind. You spin around and see a giant lizard stomping straight towards you! No time to think!


Hobosaurus Rex is a unique monster of the game in that he continuously shows up again after some time has passed. Rex starts out with over 25 million life and all players in the game can hit him up to once an hour to knock his life down to 0. Rex is one of the strongest game monsters and doesn't take damage like normal hobos do. Damage amounts are scaled back so that no one person does a super amount of damage. Also, certain skills and special weapons/armor do not work against Rex as he is immune to them.

What's unique about Rex is that gangs can also get in on the action. Gangs can run raids against Rex. A raid is nothing more then a multi-player fight with gang members who sign up attacking Rex. He slowly chomps on players until no one is left.

Every time you attack Rex, you gain experience and respect, even though you don't actually kill him. The amount you gained is based off of the amount of damage you cause and the level of your hobo.


Rex normally lasts for 2 to 3 days before his life finally reaches zero. The "winner" is the solo hobo or gang that deals the final blow, reducing Rex's life to 0. If a solo hobo is the winner, they get to choose between a Hattori-Hanzo Sword or Full-Body Trap; a winning gang instead wins both items. These are some of the more powerful armory items in the game. The winning attacker also receives a plaque notarizing their victory at the mines for the next month or so until Rex reappears.

In addition to the attacker of that final round, the top 10 solo attackers (not gang attackers) receive a Hobalt Chunk. 10 other random attackers also receive Hobalt Chunks for their help in defeating Rex.