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The Parking Garage was introduced as part of Second City Adventures. It is one of the many locations used during the adventures, but it is also the location of the legendary "Fight Club". This is Second City's equivalent to the arena but entry costs $100 for 1 hour of access. The NPCs in the Parking Garage must be found as part of a series of optional adventures.

On HoboArena, each of these opponents also give a unique prizes. The unique prizes are awarded on the first time you beat them along with every incremental 20th win against them.

* Tyler Durden's starts out at 1 and increases as you fight him, coming to a maximum level of 300. But his level will be capped at 25 levels higher than the highest level NPC that you have recruited until you finish recruiting every fighter.


Please note that you must be alive at the time of recruiting any of these fighters.

Red Robed Roy Rollins

  • Explore the outside wall of the Red Light District.
    • Must have beaten Tyler Durden at least once in a fight.

Professor Todd Master of Steam

  • Knock on window XX located at City Hall in Second City.
    • Exact window number is random for each hobo
    • Must have beaten Red Robed Roy Rollins at least once in a fight.

Janglepants the Distractor

  • Explore the dance floor in the Night Club.
    • Must have beaten Professor Todd Master of Steam at least once in a fight.

Tiny Tim the Tejano Tornado

  • Call Franky D (698-4242), he will point you to the docks.
    • Must have beaten Janglepants the Distractor at least once in a fight.

There have been a few reports of players not being able to recruit Tiny Tim after they have destroyed The One Beer, it is recommended to recruit Tiny Tim before you finish that part of the Second City Adventures.

Ahab the Hackysack Champion

  • Explore Sewer #3 coordinates at 3,6
    • Must have beaten Tiny Tim the Tejano Tornado the Distractor at least once in a fight and have access to sewer #3 in Second City by reaching that far in the Second City Adventures.