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The Recycling Bin in Canbodia is a single stop along your adventure to stop Kurtz. Here, you may turn in your cans for a reduced price and Hippy Points (also known as Carbon Offset Points, Earth Buddy Points, and Enviro-conscious Points). These can be traded for some exclusive items.

Hippy Points

For the first 100 cans you turn in, you'll receive 0.1 points each. For each 100 past this, you'll receive 0.01 less than before; for the second set of 100 cans, you'll receive 0.09, for the third, 0.08, etc. At the minimum, you'll receive 0.01 per can.
The count resets at the 12 PM reset.

Item List

Picture Name Cost Purpose
Bottle-of-Bernards-Barbaresco.gif Bottle of Bernard's Barbaresco 50 Hippy Points Expensive bottle of wine (see: Drinking).
Smart-Bread.gif Smart Bread 125 Hippy Points HoboWars 1&2: Gives 3T and 2 Intelligence upon consumption

Facebook HoboWars & HoboArena: Gives 3T and 1 Intelligence upon consumption

Beggar%27s-Bouillon.gif Beggar's Bouillon 200 Hippy Points Gives 12T and +0.5 begging upon consumption.
Stomach-Parasite.gif Stomach Parasite 300 Hippy Points HoboWars 1&2: Resets available meals to 5 and reduces your BAC to 0.
Facebook HoboWars & HoboArena: Increases available meals by 3 and reduces your BAC by 0.10%.
Can-Cannon.gif Can Cannon 375 Hippy Points A levelable weapon that uses 1 can per hit to deal double damage.
Utility-Belt.gif Utility Belt 425 Hippy Points A levelable armor that provides random effects in battle based off its level.
Wish.png Wish 500 Hippy Points Another Loompa wish (see Hoburbia Adventures).