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Cost and Payment

Each Donator Pack (DP) costs $5.00 USD or 50 points.

$5 USD

PayPal - This is the only method currently. PayPal only requires a bank account to send money, however, if you use an eCheck you will not be credited until it clears.

50 Points

You can also use 50 points.
However, if you do, you will not receive 15 points but the donator status will be applied straight away (non transferable).

Multiple Donations

For every $5 (USD), you will receive 1 Donator Pack that can be Used / Transferred / Donated to gang.
If you apply a second donator pack to your account, you will get 31 days on top of your current amount. Additionally, you will also receive 15 additional points.


You may place your Donator Pack (DP) up for sale on SGHM if you have not applied it to yourself.

Gang Donation

You may donate your DP to your gang. If you donate it, it donates the entire DP, you may not selectively donate just the donator days through this action.

Facebook Hobowars Benefits

What you get: