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Office Worker: "You seem list youngster, where do you want to go?"

On HoboWars, the Government House aggregates core information on gameplay & the community. Within its location are six different areas. On all other versions, the Government House is referred to as City Hall & CSP Office; it has a different function but the areas are the same.

City Leaders

"Many citizens do not know who is actually staff so we have put together a list of all the current staff who have helped and are helping to carve HoboWars into a fun place to be."

--Office Worker

The City Leaders is just a fancy name for Game Staff. It lists all the current staff and what positions they are in.

Voting Booth

"Please go take a seat over there and fill in the card."

--Office Worker

This is where you vote on the current poll. Usually these polls are used to simply determine interest in particular matters. What you cast your vote for is shown on your profile.

Citizen List

"Please go use one of our top of the range Celeron 486Mhz computers to find your long lost brother. All our systems have Windows 3.1 which gives you access to search through the 188,293 hobos in the city to find the one you are looking for. If you sometimes get a scary blue screen saying some crap about the system is unstable, please just hit enter and continue to search."

--Office Worker

This is a search engine that allows you to specify things to search for.
You can specify the name order, what level, which side, if they're alive and gender. There IS a 30 match limit. If there are more than 30, they will come up with the results depending on the ordering criteria you selected.

City Statistics

"We analize the citizens in the town every hour and put the information into some easy to read statistics."

--Office Worker

This just shows you the statistics of HoboWars. It shows you Financial, Member and Misc statistics and the 10 Newest Hobo's.

Box & Papers

"It looks like everyone has dumped their old newspapers here. In order no less. Jackpot!"


Home of the HoboWars newspaper HoboWeekly. Viewing does not require being logged in or have a HoboWars account.

City Planning

"Welcome to the City Planning. Here, you can see the upcoming updates, and updates that have already happened within the city. Make sure that you vote for each upcoming update, it will help us advance the city!"

--Construction Worker

This iteration of City Planning was used to allow players to vote on proposed updates and list game changes. It is votes are linked to the threads created on its sister Message Board.

City Hall & CSP Office

The City Hall & CSP Office is exclusive feature of HoboWars2, Facebook HoboWars and HoboArena. It replaces the Government House of the HoboWars.

"Government Worker: The CSP is designed to put hobos to work when they would otherwise be doing nothing. It only applies when your awake bar is completely full. Basically, there's a chance you'll be called upon to do some kind of work in service of the City, for which you will be rewarded with Food Stamps and possibly other goodies.

[hoboname]: What's the catch?

Government Worker: In order to do any work, you will of course have to be alive. So, the city will pay for you to be completely healed any time you are called upon for Community Service."

--CSP Office

How CSP works

The goal to the CSP is to earn Food Stamps to buy items from the In-N-Out. You must be unconscious, and have a half bar of T in order to be healed by the CSP and earn a reward. A food stamp is not always guaranteed when rewarded, but is the most common.
Note: Points are no longer available as a CSP reward in HoboArena.

Some examples of rewards:

CSP: You earned 1 Food Stamp telling kids at the Primary School to stay out of gangs.

CSP: You earned 1 Food Stamp reading the Facebook Hobowars Terms and Conditions aloud to prisoners.

CSP: You earned 1 Food Stamp cleaning up blood after a UFC match.

CSP: You earned 1 Food Stamp cleaning bathrooms at City Hall.

CSP: You earned 1 Food Stamp serving food at the Soup Kitchen.

CSP: You spent some time scrubbing cells at the big house and earned 1 Food Stamp.

CSP: You earned 30 Cans picking up cans off the side of the road.

CSP: You earned a Skateboard handing out toys to kids.

CSP: You're injured trying to do some peace work in the city and earn a Purple Heart.

CSP: You spent some time stirring pots at the Soup Kitchen and earned a Hobo Stew.

CSP: You spend some time working the punch bar at an AA meeting. Luckily someone brought a flask! You get a Shot of Tequila.