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MHGA Event

On the 1st of April 2019 in an attempt to Make Hobowars Great Again, Andy announced he was releasing the MHGA set to the game. This set would be available to win over the next few weeks in several different events.


Two of the happenings were to give MHGA pieces away, Tired Tuesday and Gangsters Paradise. The player who won Tired Tuesday recieved the MHGA Sign and the gang that won Gangsters Paradise receieved the MHGA Hat.
Tired Tuesday Winners
HoboWars HoboWars2 Facebook HoboWars
Radenk (2727053) Krunstall (95529) -
Gangsters Paradise Winners
HoboWars HoboWars2 Facebook HoboWars
FUBAR - Se7en Deadly Sins - -


Shortly after the MHGA Event was announced Andy ran a new round of HoboArena. The top 3 winners in the Top Level category recieved the MHGA Sign and the top 3 in Highest Beg Stat category recieved the MHGA Hat.
HoboArena Winners
Category HoboWars HoboWars2 Facebook HoboWars
MHGA Sign Pumpy (172967)

¤Soapy Tit Wank¤ (1625010)
Roland (107465) None
MHGA Hat 🍻 Medusas Midget (1426609)


¤Pauly¤ (441001)
None None


It was also announced that 2 raffles would be held. Each raffle would give the winners their choice of either the MHGA Sign or MHGA Hat. For every $ spent on DPs or Points during the last week of March you recieved a ticket to the March raffle. For every $ spent on tickets during the first week of April you would recieve a ticket to the April raffle.
March Raffle Winners
HoboWars HoboWars2 Facebook HoboWars
δiN| 1010011010 (440280)

Donkey Srsly Donkey (2746628)

(Srsly) Roh (35992)

ferda the gnome.🍄 (329963)
†Î-Metzgermeister (33250)

Simon2808 (75042)

2x F🚫link (152959)

文Icewomen (151571)

2x √ old lady √ (45638)

2x [Ƹ] Fantomet (31)

🔮 Battered Bint (1664)

April Raffle Winners
HoboWars HoboWars2 Facebook HoboWars
ferda the gnome.🍄 (329963)

🍻Slowski☻ (1299634)

SiN Pyro🔥smut (986606)

†ëh DrunkRuben (2798684)

Teh Cartman (413503)
❤️#Obsidian (149250)

3x _jaika (19882)

No 🚫 JoJo {Ç} (34620)
GøÐH§| Kris Kringle (108)

AdiosMotherFucker (42857)

2x TE Leo (3525)

Ψ RoseyPalmer (50064)