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Happenings are daily events that all players can compete in to win prizes. There are 6 events in total, 4 single player and 2 gang.

Monday Madness

What's Happening: It is that time of the week. Rankings are based on the hobo with the most battle wins for the day. Only fights you instigate and win are counted.

Prizes: 1st: 1 Donator Pack 2nd: 20 points 3rd: 15 points

Tired Tuesday

What's Happening: Hobo that uses the most awake wins.

Prizes: 1st: 2 Donator Packs 2nd: Nothing. If you're not first you're last.

Gangsters Paradise

What's Happening: Most awake used by a gang.

Prizes: 1st: +20% income from begging (1 week) 2nd: +15% income from begging (1 week) 3rd: +10% income from begging (1 week) 4th: +5% income from begging (1 week)

Beg Idol

Friday Pre-Drinks

Sunday Funday