Double You

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Double You
Category Status Effect
Subcategory Battle Effect
Version Availability HoboWars
Facebook Hobowars

Double You is a status effect that creates a Doppelganger to fight alongside you. This effect can stack with the Gemini Ring by adding 12 levels to the Gemini Doppel. You cannot have more than one Doppel helping you in battle.

This Doppel is similar to the Gemini Doppel, but has three differences:

  • Offensive & defensive Doppels are chosen at random.
  • This Doppelganger's lvl is always 12.
  • This Doppelganger can't use status effects.

All Doppelganger stats are equal to yours, with the following exceptions:

  • BAC is set to zero.
  • Life is equal to level% of your max life.
  • Defensive Doppel has no speed rolls.
  • Defensive Doppel leaves battle when it's life reaches zero.
  • Offensive Doppel does level% of normal damage.
  • Offensive Doppel leaves battle after dealing level% damage.

List of Sources and Durations

Source Duration
HoboWars HoboWars2 Facebook HoboWars HoboArena
Twozzlers 25 Minutes 25 Minutes 25 Minutes