Faberge Egg

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Faberge Egg
Category Backpack Item
Subcategory Food Ingredient
Version Availability All

Faberge Egg is a pawnable item that can be sold for cash & pawn points or be used as a ingredient to make a Faberge Cream Egg.

List of Locations and Costs

Location Cost
HoboWars HoboWars2 Facebook HoboWars HoboArena
(special beg reward)*

5T 5T
Beggar Ring
(special beg reward)*
10T 10T 10T 10T
Claw Machine 2T+ 2T+ 2T+ 2T+
Corner 7/11 ⇒ Dumpster

5T+ 5T+
Deinventing Room Faberge Cream Egg Faberge Cream Egg Faberge Cream Egg Faberge Cream Egg
Matching Game 2T+
2T+ 2T+

* One of many possible begging special rewards. Not guaranteed to appear on every beg.