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Every hobo will at some time need to fight another hobo while playing the game. In fact, you will have to fight many hobos during your time with the game. Fighting in HoboWars is very simple. All you have to do to fight someone is to click on their name and then click "attack hobo." It is that simple. That is how you start a fight, but if you go around starting fights with just anyone, then you are destined to lose. When in a fight with another hobo, only two things matter: stats and weapons/armor.


The stats that matter when fighting are Strength, Power, and Speed. Each one of these affects how you fight in its own separate way. It also seems the stat that the general populous thinks is the BEST stat to train changes fairly frequently. It basically comes down to do what works for you. There are hobos who have equal stats across the board and those that try to get one stat as high as possible.


Strength acts like armor. The more strength that you have, the less damage that you take from your opponents. This can be a very good statistic to train because it compliments your purchased armor nicely. Also, when you get to the point where you have the best armor in the game, the only way to further reduce the damage that is done to you is to increase your strength.
During a fight, when you see that your opponent swings and misses you, this means that the damage reduction that you received from your armor and strength was so great that no positive damage was done. Lots of hobos focus on this stat because if your opponent can not hit you, they can not beat you.


Like how strength is similar to armor, power is similar to weapons. As your power stat increases, so does the damage that you do while in a fight. This can be very useful when fighting opponents that have high quality armor or large amounts of strength. Hobos who focus on power take the point of view that the harder you can hit your opponent, the faster the fight will be over.


Speed does not have a direct correlation to purchased items like both strength and power do. Speed affects how fast you can attack your opponent. Attacking your opponent as often as possible is obviously good, but depending on exactly what your stats are compared to your opponent's speed, it can be helpful in different ways.
If your opponent can hit you a lot harder than your can hit them, then the best thing to do would be to end the fight quickly. If your speed is a lot greater than theirs, you will be hitting them multiple times for little damage. This damage will soon add up and you will win.
Also, if your opponent is hitting you harder than you are hitting them back, or maybe you are not damaging them at all, your only hope is to end the fight in a draw instead of losing. In combat, only 200 rounds are allowed. After this, the battle is considered a draw and the fight ends. When this happens, neither hobo wins or loses money or experience. How speed helps here is by allowing you to attack many more times than your opponent. This way you can quickly get to the limit of rounds while getting minimal damage in return.

Living Area Statistics

You may have noticed that there is a listing of your fighting stats of damage, defense and speed. These numbers are what counts when fighting other hobos and gives an indication of how much all of your training has helped. The basic formulas for each of these are as follows:
Damage: xxx ~ xxx
Damage: (Str/6 + Pow/2 + Wep) ~ (Str/4 + 3Pow/4 + Wep)
Defense: xxx ~ xxx
Defense: (Str/3 + Arm) ~ (Str/2 + Arm)
Speed: xxx ~ xxx
Speed: (Spd/4) ~ (Spd)

Keeping these in mind, your effective stats are not your exact stats. To find your effective stats, use the following formulas. Your first 500 stats are reduced by nothing, they count directly towards your effective stats. However, after 500 stats, all stats you gain are reduced by 20%. So, your effective stats are:

If under 500: Effective stats = exact stats
If over 500: 500 + ((exact stat - 500)*.8
Example: You have 5k power, 2k speed, 4k strength, no ring, no armor, and no weapon.
Effective Strength = 500 + ((4000 - 500)*.8) = 3300
Effective Power = 500 + ((5000-500)*.8) = 4100
Effective Speed = 500 + ((2000-500)*.8) = 1700
Now, using each of those effective stats, you can use the above formulas to find your damange, defense, and speed ranges.
Damage = (3300/6 + 4100/2 + 0) ~ (3300/4 + 3*4100/4 + 0)
Damage = 2600 ~ 3900
Defense = (3300/3 + 0) ~ (3300/2 +0)
Defense = 1100 ~ 1650
Speed = (1700/4) ~ (1700)
Speed = 425 ~ 1700
A general rule of thumb is that armor is more important than weapons because you can gain attacking power faster than defense.

How to Pick a Fight

When you want to start a fight, you need to go to the city and click "start a fight." Here you will see a listing of hobos that are the same level as you. You can also switch to see hobos of other levels. If you think that you are powerful for your level, you can try to win against the hobos that are higher than you. The converse is true if you are having trouble beating those hobos that are the same level as you and you want to pick on the lower-level hobos.
You will see that there are a whole lot of hobos to choose from. With a little patience, you can pick out the hobos that will be easy to pick off at any level. The first thing to notice is that the list is sorted by hobo ID. This is the unique number that each hobo is given when they signed up. Since the newer hobos are typically the weakest, you will want to first go to the end of the list (this may be pages away, go to the last page).


Now that you are looking at the youngest hobos, click on one name and open up their information in a new window/tab. Now you can see various statistics about them that make it easier to choose which hobos to fight. First off, look at how old they are (number of days) and when they last were last active. These two things are the most important. Typically you want to fight hobos that are younger than you and who have not been active in a while. Since they are younger than you, there is a good chance that you are more powerful than they are, and if they have not been active in a while, that means that they have not been training like you have. This also means that you should be more powerful than they are.

Win Percentage

The second thing that you will want to look at after you have narrowed down your list of possible hobos is their win percentage. If this is very high, you may want to reconsider. It is always possible that the hobo that you are about to attack has been given powerful weapons or armor. Be careful about attacking hobos whose win percentage is below 35%. If you do attack these hobos, when you win, the experience gained is halved to keep people from easily winning against these hobos. If the win percentage is above 70%, you will receive a 20% bonus on the experience gained.


The last thing to look at is the amount of money that the hobo has on them at the moment. If you beat the hobo, you will get half of this money, in addition to the experience that you earn. While sometimes you can find large sums of money on hobos, hobos are also known to keep large amounts on them in order to increase the number of hobos attacking them. This is why you should always check the win percentage before you look at the money.

How to make money as a Fighter

While gaining levels quickly is a benefit of being a strong fighter, you will still need money in order to pay for Training, Food, and Weapons/Armor. There are a couple of different ways that you can make money as a fighter. They all fall into two main categories: you will either find people to attack on your own, or you will get paid to attack other hobos.

Finding hobos to attack

Finding hobos to attack for money can be a long process. It mainly involves going through the list of all hobos and finding ones that happen to have lots of money on them. Sometimes you can get lucky and find a hobo who is playing the casino or buying items while they still have life. This means that they are attackable and carrying a large sum of money.
In this category I am also including attacking the old man at the Corner 7/11. If you are powerful enough to be able to beat him easily, then this can be a good source of quick cash. The main selling point for this method is that the time required is very minimal, as you will not have to search through hundreds of hobos; you always know where the old man is!

Getting paid to attack other hobos

While not the most common way of making money, it can be done like this. Typically this only happens when in a gang. You basically sell yourself out as a bounty hunter. You go and attack hobos for money. You can do it because weaker hobos can't win against this hobo, or you can do it specifically to lose so that the other hobo earns experience without using any "T".
Some gangs will also pay their members to fight in the War Chamber. This is mostly used as a type of salary for fighting and improving your skills. Typically, this only occurs within gangs that are well established, or looking to quickly move up in the ranks.
As a fighter you usually can't make as much money as a beggar, but at least you do feel like you are better than other hobos. Also, look at the Duncan's House page to see how you can earn money there as a fighter.


There are a few limits as to which hobos you can attack. These limits were put into place to aid in game development and to reduce the amount of unfair fights.
You can attack anyone within 200 levels of yourself.
  • Example - A level 315 can attack anyone between level 115 and 515.
There are also lower limits associated with the attack ranges.
  • Level 1-15 hobos can attack down to level 1.
  • Level 16-40 hobos can attack down to level 10.
  • Level 41-225 hobos can attack down to level 25.