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The Beach in Canbodia is the site of one part of your Adventure in Canbodia. After completing Mission 6, you can play a Stratego clone for 30T. There are currently 8 maps, for a eight-game cycle. Winning the game earns you a Smart Bread.

How To Play


The players are each given an identical set of units, with numbers ranging from 1 to 6, as well as a flag piece (F) and a number of mines (B) and minesweepers (M). Some maps also include the spy piece (S). Initially, all pieces are facedown and are unknown to the opponent. The game is played in turns in which each player is able to move a single piece. Whoever moves a unit onto their enemy's flag first, wins.


Combat occurs when a player moves one of their pieces onto an enemy's. In general, the lowest number wins, however in the case of lettered pieces, the rules are slightly different.

  • Numbered Pieces - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc. - Lowest number wins. Tie goes to attacker.
  • F - Flag - Loses to all pieces. If lost, the game is over.
  • B - Bomb - Defeats all pieces except Minesweeper. Cannot move.
  • M - Minesweeper - Loses to all pieces, except bombs and flags.
  • S - Spy - Loses to all pieces except for 1 and flag. However, if attacked by a 1 piece first, it loses.


  • Rambo - Run in and try and wipe them out with your 1. Very risky.
  • Trap - Let them come to you first, then strike at full force.
  • Fortress - Surround your Flag with Bombs on both sides and your 1 in front of it.
  • Sacrifice - Send out your weak pieces to attack your opponent's pieces in order to identify them.