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Beginner's Guide

Welcome to HoboWars Beginner's Guide. This guide will cover the basics of HoboWars and let you jump straight into the game.

Intro Adventures

If you're currently "stuck" in the Intro Adventures, go to Duncan's House. He'll tell you what to do. Half of playing HoboWars is becoming self-reliant, or else you'll only face the ire of the vast majority of aged players. We really don't like having to hold your hand. So, go to your preferences, add Duncan's House to your sidebar. Read this guide closely. Save all of us a lot of stress. Thanks.

So, when in doubt, go to Duncan's House.


Fighting is one of the three classes in HoboWars and can be done by anyone. The battle ladder can be found on the battle page.

How to get Started

You can start fighting at any point in the game and can fight in one of three ways. You can only fight if you're alive and if you do die, you must heal yourself. The cost is determined by how much health is needed to heal. The base cost is $5. From 60HP+ the cost goes up by $1 for each 10HP. So if you needed 153HP healing then you would have to pay $15. But if you needed 25HP healing you would have to pay $5.

Where they are located and how to fight them:

WalMart Trolly Boy: Located at WalMart, there will be an option to fight him if you haven't beaten him yet. You will need approximately 5 points in Strength, Speed and Power; weapons and armor may help. Every level makes him harder to beat, so it is recommended that you stay at level one until you defeat him.
7-11 Trolly Boy: At the 7-11, you'll have to beat a second trolly boy. You must be at least level 7, with approximately 20 in each fighting stat. Once again, weapons and armor may help, but each additional level will make him harder to beat.
Old Man: At the 7-11, there will be an option to "Visit the Old Man." Now you must explore the city to find an arena pass. Once you have found an arena pass, go back to the 7/11 and click Visit the Old Man. You will then have a selection screen with NPCs listed in order from weakest to strongest. You get very good bonuses from fighting these people. Just make sure you are ready before you battle, as they are tough. You can get things from points to explore turns.
Other Players: Located on side menu and labeled Battle! or City > Hobo Meeting Area > Start a fight. On the battle page enter the HoboName/ID and click search. After their page comes up, you may enter their profile and click attack hobo or click battle.

Battling another hobo

Battle whomever you think you can beat. The deciding factor of the battle is stats and weapons, so make sure your stats and weapons are greater than your opponents'. Attacking costs 5 [awake].


Leveling occurs when you reach the amount of experience needed. Experience is gained by beating other hobos. The higher level their hobo is, the more experience you will gain.

You can view how much experience you have before leveling by viewing your living area. Higher levels help with higher stat gains.

Fighting Stats

Fighting stats are the basics of a fighter and will determine who the stronger hobo is. These stats are trained at school. You must be a certain level to gain access to each school: Primary school (lvl 1-10) is located on the East of the city, High school (lvl 10-24) is on the West side and University (lvl 20+) is located on the North.

The stats are:
Speed - The higher the speed you have the more hits you will get in against another hobo.
Power - Increases damage that you will do to another hobo. This can be combined with weapons to become extremely offensive
Strength - Increases defense and adds a little bit of damage. This can be combined with armor to become extremely defensive
You can train these stats at Primary School, High School and University.

Toggling Stats

Gangs and their leadership frequently request access to your stats so they can monitor activity and adjust War Chamber lineups. To toggle your stats, you must do the following:

  1. Click the 'Preferences' link on your layout. Depending on the layout you have chosen, it may be in the upper right or bottom left corner of the page.
  2. Click the 'Gang Settings' link in the middle of the page.
  3. Under the text 'You do not allow your gang leader to see your stats', click the 'Toggle' link.
  4. You have successfully toggled your stats for gang leadership viewing.
Please note that anyone with the permissions to view stats will be able to see your stats if you toggle them. This is at the discretion of your gang leader.

Weapons and Armor

Weapons and Armor are rather essential in fighting; weapons add to damage whereas armor adds to defense. You may purchase them from the Toy Store or Gangs may lend you branded weapons to borrow.

The weapons and armor you buy from the Toy Store are listed below.

Available Weapons & Armor

Weapon Damage Cost
Paper Cup +4 $400
Plastic Spoon +8 $1,600
Rocks +12 $3,600
Rubber Knife +20 $10,000
Metal Knife +30 $22,500
Small Stick +40 $40,000
Large Stick +50 $62,500
Pipe +60 $90,000
Metal Rod +70 $122,500
Crow-bar +80 $160,000
Wooden Bat +100 $250,000
Steel Bat +120 $360,000
Police Baton +140 $490,000
Water Pistol +160 $640,000
BB-Gun +180 $810,000
Revolver +200 $1,000,000
Desert-Eagle +240 $1,440,000
Shot-Gun +300 $2,250,000
Mac-10 +350 $3,062,500
Ak-47 +400 $4,000,000
M16 +500 $6,250,000
HK G11 +700 $12,250,000
Chainsaw +800 $16,000,000
Lightsaber +900 $20,250,000
Armor Protection Cost
Plastic Bag -4 $400
Paper Bag -8 $1,600
Rags -12 $3,600
Dress -20 $10,000
Singlet -30 $22,500
T-Shirt -40 $40,000
Jacket -50 $62,500
Vest -60 $90,000
Bin Lid -70 $122,500
Ad Sign -80 $160,000
Wooden Shield -100 $250,000
Metal Shield -120 $360,000
Plastic Helmet -140 $490,000
Metal Helmet -160 $640,000
Chest Armor -180 $810,000
Full-Body Armor -200 $1,000,000
Bulletproof Vest -240 $1,440,000
Hi-Tech Tuxedo -300 $2,250,000
Bulletproof Shield -350 $3,062,500
Another Hobo -400 $4,000,000
Riot Shield -500 $6,250,000
Double Hobos -700 $12,250,000
Grizzly Armor -800 $16,000,000
Tron Armor -900 $20,250,000

In addition to the Toy Store, you can purchase more equipment at the Playground in the Second City. Below are the items you can purchase there.

Weapon Damage Cost
Thor's Hammer +1000 $25,000,000
Excalibur +1100 $30,250,000
Power Glove +1200 $36,000,000
Armor Protection Cost
Symbiote -1000 $25,000,000
Iron Man Armor -1100 $30,250,000
Bad to the Bone T-Shirt -1200 $36,000,000

Exploring the City

After clicking City you will find a link in the center saying Explore the City. The only requirement needed to explore is a trolly which can be taken from the trolly boy by defeating him at WalMart. You will also need a city map which can be purchased cheaply.

Each reset (twice a day) 100 (HW2 & FBHW: 200) turns are available (free) to explore the city. You can purchase more turns with points. It costs 1 point for 25 (HW2 & FBHW: 50) turns. One turn is a move in any direction.

Each time that you move into a new space, you will be shown what you find there. The options for what you can find are cash, cans, food, or nothing. The exploration area is 100 spaces by 100 spaces. This means that there are 10,000 spaces to explore, but you only have 100 (HW2 & FBHW: 200) moves to use.


Cans can be sold for money at the [Can Depo]. At the start the cans you collect might not seem to be worth a lot. In the low levels this is true, but when you become a higher level they can be worth quite a lot. You will not want to sell your cans unless you seriously need the cash. Otherwise it is advised you keep them. Since the price that you can sell your cans at the can depot increases with both your level and intelligence, the cans that you collect early on in the game are worth many times more later in the game. The only hard part is staying in the routine of collecting cans and only selling them when you must. There is no limit to the amount of cans you can have.


The cash that you find can easily pay for a full set of KFC meals early in the game. That is even if you do not find any KFC meals while exploring. This is why you should always go exploring before you buy your meals. Your hobo can find $10 to $90 (HW2 & FBHW: $10 to $40) at a time.


There is a lot of food that can be found whilst exploring. There are several types of food that are available while exploring that you can't buy anywhere. When you find food it is automatically put into your trolly, unless it is full. You can store 10 items of food within your trolly. If your trolly does become full, you will receive a warning the next time you find an item of food. When this happens, the typical response is to click on your Living Area and empty out whatever food you do not want. Don't do this. When you click away from exploring, you lose your place. As you will see later, this is very inefficient. Instead, right click on the link to your living area and open it in either a new tab or new window. This way you can do the needed rearranging of your food and then come back to the tab/window that you are exploring with. You can then continue on from where you left off.

It is best to only keep the KFC meals that you find. This is because all that you should ever eat is KFC meals whether they were purchased or found.

Below is a list of foods, how much T they give, and if they are sold at WalMart.

Name "T" Gain WalMart
KFC Meal +10 Yes
Chocolate Ice Cream +5 Yes
Cooked Chicken +5 Yes
New Pizza +5 Yes
Meat Pie +4 Yes
Packet of Fries +4 Yes
Can of Coke +3 Yes
Can of Pepsi +3 Yes
Half Eaten Burger +3 No
Half a HotDog +3 No
HotDog +3 Yes
Piece of Bread +3 Yes
Piece of Pizza +3 No
Vanilla Ice Cream +3 Yes
Apple Core +1 No
Chewed Chicken Leg +2 No
Fresh Apple +2 Yes
Half a Donut +2 No
Raw Chicken Leg +1 Yes
Raw Potato +1 No
Rotten Fish +1 No


Awake, or "T", (which is most commonly used) is required for the majority of actions in HoboWars. Picking a fight, training at school, etc. all require some T. Exploring does not take T. You can have a maximum of 100T at any time.

Awake can be regenerated in five ways:

  • Refills over time - 5T every 10 minutes for Donators, 5T every 15 minutes for Non-Donators
    • Donator (100T every 3 hours and 20 minutes.)
    • Non-Donator (100T every 5 hours.)
  • Eating food - You can eat 5 items every reset. It is best to eat the meals that give you the most T possible because of this limit. You also can not eat a meal if your awake bar is completely full.


  • Trading points for it - 5 Points will refill your awake bar by 100T, adding it to your current amount. You cannot use a refill if you have more than 25T.


  • Voting at AWG - 15T free, once per 24 hours.


Training is an essential part of HoboWars. If you want to get far in the game and make your hobo more of a force to be reckoned with or more of a productive bagger, you WILL need to train some or all of your stats. Training is done in different places. These places depend on your level. You are able to train at Primary school, High School and University. Each of them have a level range for who can use it. The levels are below.

Location Level Cost Per Train
Primary School 1-10 $0 & 5T
High School 10-25 $20 & 10T
University 20+ $50 & 10T

Each of these schools as an entry fee. The entry fee is a one off. The only fee after that is how much it costs to train. There is a one level lap between each school. This allows you to look at the next school before you are unable to train.


Multiple accounts

  • One person may not ever use more than one account. Players may not train another player’s account. Swapping accounts will not be allowed.
  • Any violation of the above will be treated as a case of multiple accounts and will result in the following punishments:
  • Main Account (to be decided by Staff) – 5 days or more, depending on the situation
  • All Other Accounts – 365 days. These accounts will be deleted.

Illegal Transfers

  • No two (or more) players who have shared an ip address at any time may exchange funds, buy or sell items in the market, or battle each other. Even if you are not on the same computer later on, it is still illegal.
  • Any violation of the above will be treated as a case of illegal transfers and will result in Jail time for all parties from 1-100 days, depending on the amount and size of the transfers.
  • Note: 100 day jail sentences are for severe cases of illegal transfers. These sentences must be reviewed by a Minister or Governor to decide on the correct level of punishment. If this is the case, your sentence will state that you need to wait for someone other than your jailer.


  • There are several methods of communication on HoboWars. These rules include the use of in game email, the public message boards, and the limited access message boards(Gang Board, donator board).
  • Excessive cursing or flaming (insulting for the sake of insulting) will not be tolerated in any in game communication (Message Boards, Mails, or Chat).
  • Spamming of the Message Boards, or any player’s News or Mails is not allowed.
  • You may not beg for game funds via Mails or on the Message Boards.
  • Prejudice comments are not welcome on HoboWars. Prejudice includes, but is not limited to: racism, sexism, ageism, and any other comments based upon the sex, race, religion, or creed of a group or individual. If you have opinions that could be regarded by Staff to be prejudices, please keep them to yourself while interacting with others in the game. In addition, racist names will not be allowed (i.e. naming your hobo niggersmustdie).
  • Message Board signatures may not be more than ten lines. The judgment of how many lines a signature is will be made by Staff, so please keep in mind that not all players use the same monitor resolution when making your signature. Additionally, please do not make any line of your signature long enough to stretch the screen of other players.
  • No pornography. HoboWars is for players age 13 and older and therefore may not have pornography. If there is any question in your mind about the acceptability of a comment, picture, or link, just don’t post it.
  • No posting Arena Pass Co-Ordinates outside Gang Boards
  • Violation of the above (with the exception of racist hobo names and pornography) will be punished by a Message Board Ban.
  • Racist hobo names and pornography will be punished by Jail time to be determined by Staff based on severity of the offense.


  • Scamming is using some form of trickery to fool other players into following certain actions that will benefit you e.g. promising and not delivering, pretending to be someone else, etc.
  • No impersonating Staff or other players. This includes telling players you are Staff.
  • No scamming other players. If you say you will do something, you best be prepared to do it.
  • NOTE - If you donate something to a gang, it belongs to the gang owner, and if you wish to leave the gang, or you're kicked it will not be considered scamming. Please use your best judgment before donating to anyone.
  • The above offenses are punishable by Jail time to be decided by staff based on the severity of the offense.

Selling Property/Affiliate Links

  • In-game Property may not be sold for real life money or funds in another game. This includes selling money, points, donations, accounts, or anything else that is transferable in HoboWars. Additionally, you may not pay for items transferred in another game with HoboWars funds.
  • Players may not make posts that offer to pay other players for clicking a link to any other site, or going to another site and performing some action. Players may still advertise other games or websites on the Fun and Games forum, but only without offers of compensation.
  • Violations of these rules may be punished by a Jail sentence (Selling Property), or a Message Board Ban (Affiliate Links).


  • A bug, glitch, or exploit is when the game does not act as intended. Often these can work to a players advantage.
  • Any player found exploiting a game glitch/bug will be punished with Jail time.
  • Do not share information on how to exploit a bug with anyone who is not game staff.
  • Do not announce a bug publicly in order to attempt to dissuade people from using it. This will be considered sharing exploit information.
  • Follow admin instructions following the discovery of a bug.


  • A macro is a program that plays part or all of the game for you. HoboWars is meant to reward players for their time spent on the game.
  • Any one caught using a macro will be jailed and eventually deleted.
  • The Anti-Macro Protection Page is designed to prevent players from using a macro. If you fail to follow the directions on the Page, you will be jailed by the System for two days.