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During the Second City Adventures, you can find the Mexican Wrestler for the Parking Garage. After completing the adventures, you can go to the docks to buy special foods.

"You see some dirty bearded guys wandering around the dock. You can't tell which ones are sailors and which are hobos. The Wharf Market is open for business and selling some fresh Naan."

> Head over to the market

Hobo: Got some tasty hobo delicacies from overseas here.

Wharf Market

Image Name Gains Cost ($)
Day-Old-Coffee-Naan.gif Day Old Coffee Naan +7 Awake
+0.5 Speed
Half-a-Sandwich-Naan.gif Half a Sandwich Naan +7 Awake
+0.5 Strength
Discarded-Taco-Naan.gif Discarded Taco Naan +7 Awake
+0.5 Power