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The Second City Adventure set is the first of the major Adventures and take place in Second City. The story is a rough parody of "The Lord of the Rings". The adventures require some level of thinking to complete a couple of the tasks, but for the most part, they are fairly easy to navigate. You are sometimes required to use any area(s) that exist prior to Second City during the course of the adventures.

Adventure Guide

It has been determined that the wiki will NOT contain a descriptive adventure guide. If you have an questions regarding what you need to do during a specific adventure day, please use the Adventure Talk board.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions by those having trouble completing the adventures.

I cannot defeat xxxxxx on Day zz??

Probably the most asked question. 9 times out of 10, the problem is you do not have enough battle stats. Most NPC fights during the adventures require you to have some battle stats, and fights will become harder as the adventures progress. So:

  • If you are not getting any hits in during the fight:
    • You need more speed. Either train speed at the uni or get one of the Status Effects that give a boost to your speed stat. Getting a ring (and higher respect levels) will also give you a boost.
  • If you are not doing any or very little damage
    • You need more attack. Either train power at the uni, get one of the Status Effects (see link above) to give you a power boost, or get a weapon that does more damage.
  • If you are getting the crap pummeled out of you when you take hits
    • You need more defense. Train strength, get a strength boosting effect, or a better armor.

Note: The adventures were initially setup to allow anyone to progress through with minimal battle stats. Recent changes have introduced more difficult opponents deeper into the adventure days. So while you might have only needed a dozen battle stats with no special effects "back in the day", that is no longer an option.

Where do I need to go to complete my task?

  • If you get lost and cannot figure out what you need to do or where you need to go, simply backtrack to the last place you was at. If you need to, backtrack all the way to the opening task of the day (ringing of the payphone) for hints and clues about what you are suppose to do. If you get are so lost you cannot figure out what you need, search the Adventure Talk Message Board for an answer, or if you cannot find it there, make a new thread to ask it.

Adventure Days

The adventure set was originally released to HoboWars only. It was added to HoboWars2 after a few years using the same format. Later on, it was slightly altered to combine the original days 1 and 2 together into one mission as well as other minor changes and added to the Facebook version while the originals remained for HoboWars and HoboWars2. Finally, in beginning of 2013, Cube updated HoboWars to use the newest updates and made adjustments individually to those whose transition mid-season was impacted. During the summer of 2013, Cube updated the codebase of HoboWars2 and now all game versions use the same adventure setup.

There 19 days to this adventure set. When the adventure set originally came out, there was 20, but after years of updates and changes to the setup, two days were merged together shortening the adventure set.

Note: To any of the "old" players on HoboWars or HoboWars2 that still have not completed this adventure set - if you are stuck on a day, you may need your adventure day reset with all of the changes done over the years. Ask first on the adventure board to make sure the procedure you are using is correct and if staff will help in getting you reset if necessary.

Task List and Unique Items Obtained

Here is a very high-level review of how to complete the adventure days. With the exception of Day 1 (more detail to get you started on the adventure set), instructions on how to complete the tasks is for you to figure out. 99% of all tasks are fairly straightforward to accomplish. Any tasks that have frequently asked questions about may include hints to help you complete the task. Note: Also any fights that require a "special setup" will be noted.

Tasks Unique Items Found
Day 1
  • Bus Pass
    • You must obtain the bus pass in order to hitch a ride on the bus.
  • City Map
    • The City Map shows what Second City looks like.
  • Pail of Sand
    • You must obtain the Pail of Sand and deliver it (day 2) to the mayor.
Day 2
  • Answer Telephone Booth (all days forward will start with this)
  • Enter Night Club
  • Clear out the Night Club of ALL people.
    • If you want to add fish to your pizza, I would want to head over to the Docks

Day 3
  • Meet Dilbo and gain his "Special Item" he leaves for you.
  • The One Beer
    • The prize possession of Second City! One sip gets you so drunk you don't even know what your name is.
  • Envelope
    • Address Book (optional)
      • The envelope is left for you to deliver. Once you deliver it, you get the address book that stores any number you use.
Day 4
  • Meet Milo.
    • While you're waiting, why not have a drink?

Day 5
  • Reconnect with Milo now that you are sober again.
    • Deja vu anybody?

Day 6
  • Form the "Fellowship of the ring One Beer"
  • Obtain Mobile Phone and prank call people
  • Mithril Grocery Bag
    • A gift from your uncle. A levelable armor that gains stats as you use it.
  • Mobile Phone
    • Allows you to make phone calls to other people.
Day 7
  • Small Silver Key
    • Key obtained during your fight. Used to unlock a new area in Second City.
Day 8
  • Traverse the first of the Second City Sewers
  • Sewer 1 Map (optional)
    • Allows you to see what the sewer looks like. You must have the atlas in order to obtain and use the map.
Day 9
  • Blow up City Hall!
    • Can't get in? Is the refrigerator running?
    • Check out RPSLS page for clues to win.
  • Aquarium Key
    • Allows you access to certain section of City Hall.
Day 10
  • Play delivery man, man!

Day 11
  • It's all about Mystery
    • Though a good drink might just help you out.
  • Mystery Hat
    • Armor left behind during a struggle at the docks. It is a levelable armor that gains stats as you use it.
Day 12
  • Recover Liquor Store Licence (if not already done)
  • Find the other "Fellowship" members
  • Cryptic Poem
    • Message left at the payphone at the start of the day.
  • Ruiner's Rum
    • Bottle of Liquor given to you during the course of the day.
  • Rat Poison
    • This item, once drunk, gives you a better chance of catching rats.
  • Tall Key
    • Allows you access to another section of Second City.
  • Sewer 2 Map (optional)
    • Allows you to see what this sewer looks like. You must have the atlas in order to get and use the map.
  • Mirror Shard (optional)
    • Item needed in the obtainment of the Space Rat. You can go back and re-obtain this item after you use the last one.
Day 13
  • Colonel Mustard, in the Park, with a hangover
  • {Money or Power or Women} (your choice)
Day 14
  • A "stack of twenties" (cash)
Day 15
  • Obtain Diblo's unique weapon!
  • Meet (and catch) Smeagol
  • Sting
    • Levelable weapon obtained during the course of the day. As you use it, it gains exp and better stats.
Day 16
  • Pack of cigarettes
    • Item used to gather the Grande Key.
  • Grande Key
    • Allows you access to another section of Section City.
  • Sewer 3 Map (optional)
    • Allows you to see what this sewer looks like. You must have the atlas in order to get and use the map.
Day 17
  • Sneak back into the RLD
  • Re-acquire your things

Day 18
  • Traverse through the RLD
  • Outsmart and defeat Smeagol again!
  • Red Light District Map (optional)
    • Allows you to see what the red light district looks like, but you must have the atlas to get and use the map.
Day 19
  • Obtain the Hobo Grail (then subsequently lose it)
  • Catch the mayor to get it back
  • Sewer 4 Map
    • Allows you to see what the sewer looks like. Unlike the other sewer maps, you must pass over the location the map is located, but you still need the atlas to pick it up and use it.
  • Hobo Grail
    • Third Time Lucky
Optional Tasks and Items
  • Franky D Missions
    • Grammar Puzzle
    • "Tiny" Trouble at the Docks
  • Call "For a Good Time"
  • Bowling
Completion of Second City Adventure Rewards