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The Hoburbia Adventure set is the second adventure set to be released in Hobowars. It is built off of the theme of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and takes place in the city of Hoburbia.

In the past, the Hoburbia Adventures could be completed as soon as the Second City Bowling Alley Clerk told you where to go to start, but recent changes have been made to delay this start until you complete the Second City Adventures in their entirety.

Adventure Guide

It has been determined that the wiki will NOT contained a descriptive adventure guide. If you have an questions regarding what you need to do during a specific adventure day, please use the Adventure Talk board.

I cannot defeat xxxxxx on Day zz??

Probably the most asked question. 9 times out of 10, the problem is you do not have enough battle stats. Most NPC fights during the adventures require you to have some battle stats, and fights will become harder as the adventures progress. So:

  • If you are not getting any hits in during the fight:
    • You need more speed. Either train speed at the uni or get one of the Status Effects that give a boost to your speed stat. Getting a ring (and higher respect levels) will also give you a boost.
  • If you are not doing any or very little damage
    • You need more attack. Either train power at the uni, get one of the Status Effects (see link above) to give you a power boost, or get a weapon that does more damage.
  • If you are getting the crap pummeled out of you when you take hits
    • You need more defense. Train strength, get a strength boosting effect, or a better armor.

Note: The adventures were initially setup to allow anyone to progress through with minimal battle stats. Recent changes have introduced more difficult opponents deeper into the adventure days. So while you might have only needed a dozen battle stats with no special effects "back in the day", that is no longer an option.

Adventure Days

This adventure set contains 22 days + 1 epilogue day. There hasn't been many changes to this adventure set like Second City. The most notable change was the removal of the special candy for returning back to re-fight Slugworth on Day 21-22.

Task List and Unique Items Obtained

Here is a very high-level review of how to complete the adventure days. With the exception of Day 1 (more detail to get you started on the adventure set), instructions on how to complete the tasks is for you to figure out. 99% of all tasks are fairly straightforward to accomplish. Any tasks that have frequently asked questions about may include hints to help you complete the task. Note: Any fights that require a "special setup" will be noted.

Tasks Unique Items Found
Day 1
  • Access Hoburbia
    • Obtain Bathroom Key
    • Obtain Hoburbia Map
  • Visit Grandpa at the Nursing Home and receive your daily task.
  • Bathroom Key
    • You must obtain the bathroom key to unlock the door at the Bowling Alley
  • Hoburbia Map
    • The City Map shows what Hoburbia looks like.
  • Golden Ticket
    • Used to gain access to the Chocolate Factory.
Day 2
  • Visit Grandpa Joe at the Nursing Home (all days forward will start with this)
  • Enter Chocolate Factory
  • Sign your name. If you have problems, sign with an "x" or change your name.

Day 3
  • Listen to Wonka's song in the Chocolate Room
  • Meet Director #1
  • Help Wonka's Defense Team at the Court House
  • Chocolate Factory Key
    • Allows you access to the Chocolate Factory at your will
  • Choco-Vision Goggles
    • Allows you to see in Chocolate Rivers
  • Surveillance Tape
    • Evidence used during the Court Case against Willy Wonka
Day 4
  • Meet Director #2
  • Break up the Oompa Loompa strike.
  • Zippo Lighter
    • This item is used to light things on fire. What did you expect???
  • Wonka Boat
    • A cool water vessel for you. Too bad you need a crew to sail it.
Day 5
  • Meet the Newspaper Man
  • Meet Director #3
  • Wonka Letter
    • Item explaining what is required of youf or the day.
  • Balltop Cane
    • This is Wonka's Cane. This is a levelable weapon.
  • Loompa Whistle
    • A item used to call the Oompa Loompas when you require their assistance.
Day 6
  • Meet Violet
    • This is a special fight!
  • Meet Director #4 (optional)
  • Meet Charlie
  • Everlasting Gobstopper 1
    • One of four special candies you need collect.
  • Charlie's Reward
    • Pick from Candy / Money / Power / Women
Day 7
  • Meet Director #5
  • Incriminating Photographs
    • Item required to be found and returned to one of the directors.
  • Bottle of Lye
    • Food Ingredient found in the closet.
  • Coffee-Soaked Mop
    • Special Weapon that removes an opponents effect during battle.
Day 8
  • Meet Charlie (and Veruca) in the Sewers
    • Veruca is a special fight!
  • Meet Director #6
  • Everlasting Gobstopper 2
    • One of four special candies you need to collect.
Day 9
  • Golden Trolly
    • Improved food storage unit for your hobo. It allows you to hold 20 food items instead of 10.
  • Huge Ass Diamond
    • Unique item gained during the course of the day that is helps you complete a director's request of you.
Day 10
  • Meet Director #8

Day 11
  • Meet Mike Teevee
  • Meet Director #9
  • Everlasting Gobstopper 3
    • One of four special candies you need to collect.
Day 12
  • Meet Director #10
  • Meet the Director's family
Day 13
  • Board Meeting
  • Meet the newspaper man again.
  • Meet the Workman
  • "Improved" Hoburbia Map
    • More accurate version of the Hoburbia Map
  • Hammer
Day 14
  • Infiltrate Slugworth's Evil Fortress
    • Trojan Rat!
  • Set the Executives Free!
    • Each executive gives you a clue to the order
  • Fear the whangdoodles!

Day 15
  • Visit Mr. Newspaper Man.
  • Sabotage the Dark Chocolate!!!
    • This task takes a lot of T.
    • The newspaper man tells you what you need to do.

Day 16
  • Try "sabotaged" bars.
  • Explore effects of your sabotage.
Day 17
  • Free Willy Wonka
  • Special Brownie
  • Dungeon Security Clearance Badge
    • The Special Brownie is a special Food item that you need to find. Once you find this food piece, you need to rip the Dungeon Security Clearance Badge out of it for access to more areas within Hoburbia.
Day 18
  • Eliminate "Fake" Wonka

Day 19
  • Stop the Whangdoodle invasion
  • Chocolate-Filled Keg
    • This is the ONLY day you can obtain this unique item and you can only obtain them during the course of the adventure day. To get this item, take your Empty Keg's into the factory and fill them up. After you complete the day's work, you can no longer get this item.
Day 20
  • Defeat Charlie
  • Everlasting Gobstopper 4
    • One of four special candies you need to collect.
Day 21
  • Picket Pete again!
  • Destroy all the Everlasting Gobstoppers

Day 22
  • Defeat Slugworth
    • This is a 2-part battle.
    • The 2nd part is a special battle.
  • Full Access Evil Security Badge
    • Security Badge that gives access to additional areas of Hoburbia
Completion of Hoburbia Adventure Rewards (Day 23)
  • Obtain Adventure Set Prize
    • 50 bucks! Go tell Wonka what you think about that!
  • Unlock Canbodia Adventures