Tin Can Alley

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The Tin Can Alley in Hoburbia gives access to the Hoburbia Flea Market and the Modern Artist.

Flea Market

Image Item Cost Use
Empty-Cigarette-Pack.gif Empty Cigarette Pack 2 cans Used to hold Candy Cigarettes
Altoids.gif Altoids 25 cans +3 awake / Ingredient
Disappearing-Ink.gif Disappearing Ink 50 cans Ingredient
Pack-of-cigarettes.gif Pack of cigarettes 150 cans Adventure item.
Extra-Large-Bowling-Ball.gif Extra Large Bowling Ball 250 cans Equip for use at the Bowling Alley.
Bar-of-Soap.gif Bar of Soap 300 cans Sailing / Fight Club / Ingredient

Talk to Modern Artist

The Modern Artist is used during the Hoburbia Adventures. He is looking for a hammer to show off his skills as an artist.

After he is used in the adventures, his usefulness turns to zero.