Empty Cigarette Pack

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Empty Cigarette Pack
Category Backpack Item
Subcategories Food Ingredient
Version Availability All

Empty Cigarette Pack is an item used to store Candy Cigarettes. Once 20 Candy Cigarettes have been stored, the Empty Cigarette Pack becomes a Pack of Candy Cigarettes.

The Empty Pack can be partially filled with Candy Cigarettes to temporarily take them out of your trolly. However, once you stick a candy cigarette inside the cigarette pack, it is impossible to take it back out again.

You can hold as many empty and partially filled cigarette packs as you want, though you can only fill one pack at a time.

List of Locations and Costs

Location Cost
HoboWars HoboWars2 Facebook HoboWars HoboArena
City Pawn

$500 +
35 Pawn Points
$500 +
35 Pawn Points
Hoburbia Flea Market 2 Cans 2 Cans 2 Cans 2 Cans