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Food replenishes your T, a.k.a. Awake, upon consumption. Food items are stored in your trolly.


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Golden Trolly
Extra Large Fry Basket

In order to obtain and consume food, you must first find a way to carry it. Sadly, your hands are too busy begging to hold on to food, and your Unusually Large Backpack is filled with too much junk. The answer to your dilemma is a Trolly! There are a few trollys available throughout the game. The first trolly you will find is owned by the Trolly Boy at WalMart. He won't part with it willingly, however, so, you'll simply have to take it by force. Once you defeat the Trolly Boy and take his Trolly from him, you will be able to store up to 10 food items and consume food.

As helpful as your "new to you" Trolly is, you'll soon desire a better one. Fortunately, at the Beeramid in Hoburbia, there is a Mummy sporting a shiny Golden Trolly; unfortunately, just like with the Trolly Boy, he won't part with it willingly, so, you'll have to take this one by force too. Once you defeat the Mummy and take his Golden Trolly from him, you will be able to store up to 20 food items.

In addition to the two Trollys, there exists an item known as the Extra Large Fry Basket that adds an extra five food slots to the Golden Trolly. It can be purchased from the In-N-Out in the City with Food Stamps after you obtain the Golden Trolly.

List of Food Items

There are currently 125 food items present in the game.

The following is a list of all them, as well as information pertaining to their awake and stat gains, the status effects they bestow, and other important information.

Please note that a few food items are slightly different over on Facebook HoboWars and HoboArena.

Food items that are only present in Facebook HoboWars and HoboArena are marked with a dark gray background.

Food Items
ID Image Name Gains Status Effect Additional Information
-9999  !a -9999
1 Apple-Core.gif Apple Core +1 Awake

2 Half-a-Donut.gif Half a Donut +2 Awake

3 Piece-of-Bread.gif Piece of Bread +3 Awake

4 Can-of-Coke.gif Can of Coke +3 Awake

5 Piece-of-Pizza.gif Piece of Pizza +3 Awake

6 Meat-Pie.gif Meat Pie +4 Awake

7 Can-of-Pepsi.gif Can of Pepsi +3 Awake

8 Rotten-Fish.gif Rotten Fish +1 Awake

9 Half-Eaten-Burger.gif Half Eaten Burger +3 Awake

10 Packet-of-Fries.gif Packet of Fries +4 Awake

11 New-Pizza.gif New Pizza +5 Awake

12 Chewed-Chicken-Leg.gif Chewed Chicken Leg +2 Awake

13 Raw-Chicken-Leg.gif Raw Chicken Leg +1 Awake

14 Cooked-Chicken.gif Cooked Chicken +5 Awake

15 Half-a-HotDog.gif Half a HotDog +3 Awake

16 HotDog.gif HotDog +5 Awake

17 KFC-Meal.gif KFC Meal +10 Awake

18 Raw-Potato.gif Raw Potato +1 Awake

19 Vanilla-Ice-Cream.gif Vanilla Ice Cream +3 Awake

20 Chocolate-Ice-Cream.gif Chocolate Ice Cream +5 Awake

21 Fresh-Apple.gif Fresh Apple +2 Awake
Consumption produces an Apple Core
22 Fighters-Lunch.gif Fighters Lunch +20 Awake

23 Double-Double.gif Double-Double +100 Awake
May be added to a full trolly if bought from In-N-Out
24 Bachelor-Chow.gif Bachelor Chow +13 Awake

25 Smart-Bread.gif Smart Bread +3 Awake
+2 Intelligence

May be added to a full trolly if won during Capture the Flag
26 Day-Old-Coffee-Naan.gif Day Old Coffee Naan +7 Awake
+0.5 Speed

27 Half-a-Sandwich-Naan.gif Half a Sandwich Naan +7 Awake
+0.5 Strength

28 Discarded-Taco-Naan.gif Discarded Taco Naan +7 Awake
+0.5 Power

29 Wonka-Bar.gif Wonka Bar +3 Awake
Yields a Wonka Bar Wrapper upon consumption.
30 Single-Single.gif Single-Single +50 Awake

31 Wonka-stripe-Candy-Cane.gif Wonka-stripe Candy Cane +6 Awake Jittery
32 Rainbow-Drop.gif Rainbow Drop +7 Awake Red Tongue, Green Tongue, Blue Tongue, or Indigo Tongue
33 Roast-Beef.gif Roast Beef +11 Awake

34 Pre-Chewed-Gum.gif Pre-Chewed Gum +1 Awake

35 Roast-Beef-Flavored-Gum.gif Roast Beef Flavored Gum +10 Awake Roast Beef Fortification
36 Semi-Lasting-Gobstopper.gif Semi-Lasting Gobstopper +7 Awake Semi-Lasting Energization
37 Sweet-Bomb.gif Sweet Bomb +25 Awake Sweetness
38 Blueberry-Blast-Jelly-Beans.gif Blueberry Blast Jelly Beans +5 Awake Blueberry Breath
39 Beef-Mushroom-Stew.gif Beef Mushroom Stew +12 Awake
+1 Strength

40 Texas-Fajita-Soup.gif Texas Fajita Soup +12 Awake
+1 Speed

41 Cream-of-Okra-Soup.gif Cream of Okra Soup +12 Awake
+1 Power

42 Garlic-Salmon-Bisque.gif Garlic Salmon Bisque +12 Awake
+1 Intelligence

43 Beggar%27s-Bouillon.gif Beggar's Bouillon +12 Awake
+0.5 Begging

44 Fizzy-Lifting-Soda.gif Fizzy Lifting Soda +9 Awake Fizzy Floatiness
45 Wonka%27s-Peppermint-Spirits.gif Wonka's Peppermint Spirits +8 Awake Wonka Spirit
46 Altoids.gif Altoids +3 Awake Curious Strength
47 Junior-Mints.gif Junior Mints +21 Awake Curious Strength
48 Red-Hots.gif Red Hots +10 Awake Red Tongue
49 Crystal-Pepsi.gif Crystal Pepsi +6 Awake Semi-Transparency
50 Chocolate-Vanilla-Swirl-Ice-Cream.gif Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Ice Cream +8 Awake
+0.05 Intel
+ Experience

Exp gain is 10x your level.
51 Redder-Hots.gif Redder Hots +12 Awake On Fire
52 Gas-Soaked-Red-Hots.gif Gas Soaked Red Hots +10 Awake Red Tongue
53 Gummi-Gorilla.gif Gummi Gorilla +7 Awake Gorilla Strength
54 Gummi-Peregrine-Falcon.gif Gummi Peregrine Falcon +7 Awake Falcon Speed
55 Gummi-Raptor.gif Gummi Raptor +7 Awake Raptor Power
56 Quantum-Candy.gif Quantum Candy +6 Awake Interdimensionality
57 Gummi-Spaghetti-Monster.gif Gummi Spaghetti Monster +5 Awake Noodly Awesomeness
58 Fruit-by-the-Furlong.gif Fruit by the Furlong +55 Awake
Uses 5 meals upon consumption.
59 Candy-Cigarette.gif Candy Cigarette +1 Awake

60 Pack-of-Candy-Cigarettes.gif Pack of Candy Cigarettes +50 Awake

61 Freeze-Packed-Dippin-Dots.gif Freeze-Packed Dippin Dots +11 Awake Sticky Cold Hands Cannot be consumed.
Must be deinvinted into Dippin Dots before consumption.
62 Dippin-Dots.gif Dippin Dots +11 Awake Sticky Cold Hands
63 Military-Rations.gif Military Rations +18 Awake

64 Can-of-Whipped-Cream.gif Can of Whipped Cream +12 Awake Cream Whipped
65 Faberge-Cream-Egg.gif Faberge Cream Egg +30 Awake Cream Whipped
66 Apple-Flavored-Gum.gif Apple Flavored Gum +10 Awake Apple Breath
67 Cinnamon-Flavored-Gum.gif Cinnamon Flavored Gum +10 Awake Cinnamon Breath
68 Dark-Chocolate-Wonka-Bar.gif Dark Chocolate Wonka Bar +3 Awake
Yields a Wonka Bar Wrapper upon consumption. Only available on day 16 of the Hoburbia Adventures.
69 Special-Brownie.gif Special Brownie +4 Awake Laid Back Can be eaten on a full stomach.
70 Bacon-Blast-Jelly-Beans.gif Bacon Blast Jelly Beans +5 Awake Bacon Breath
71 Fizzy-Falling-Soda.gif Fizzy Falling Soda +9 Awake Lead Heavy
72 Caulipop.gif Caulipop +10 Awake Caulimorphous
73 Dalipop.gif Dalipop +10 Awake Dalimorphous
74 Volleypop.gif Volleypop +10 Awake Volleymorphous
75 Polypop.gif Polypop +10 Awake Polymorphous
76 Mountain-Honeydew-Melon.gif Mountain Honeydew Melon +8 Awake

77 Mountain-Dew.gif Mountain Dew +19 Awake

78 Salmon.gif Salmon +8 Awake

79 Catfish.gif Catfish +14 Awake

80 Fish-Sticks.gif Fish Sticks +12 Awake

81 Octopus.gif Octopus +20 Awake

82 Blowfish.gif Blowfish +25 Awake
Reduces your HP to zero upon consumption.
83 Hobo-Stew.gif Hobo Stew +25 Awake

84 Beggars-Brunch.gif Beggar's Brunch +20 Awake
+0.05 Begging
Bacon Breath
85 Hangover-Omelette.gif Hangover Omelette +20 Awake
Reduces your BAC by 0.10 upon consumption.
86 Stomach-Parasite.gif Stomach Parasite +0 Awake
Doesn't use up a meal.
Gain meals and lowers BAC upon consumption.
87 Forest-Shroom.gif Forest Shroom +7 Awake

88 Garlic-Clove.gif Garlic Clove +4 Awake

89 Chili-Pepper.gif Chili Pepper +6 Awake

90 Okra.gif Okra +3 Awake

91 Gingerbread-Bum.gif Gingerbread Bum +25 Awake Gingerbread Breath
92 Bernard-Burger.gif Bernard Burger +10 Awake
Gives you 3 days of Bernard's Mansion access and 10 Bernard's Credits upon consumption.
93 Flying-Dutchman.gif Flying Dutchman +20 Awake
+10 Pow, Str, Spd
Real Ultimate Power
94 Animal-Style-Fries.gif Animal Style Fries +30 Awake
Share your leftovers with up to 10 friends! Leftovers give +20 Awake.
95 Neapolitan-Shake.gif Neapolitan Shake +0 Awake
+1 Level

Uses 3 meals upon consumption.
96 SARS-Bar.gif SARS Bar +15 Awake SARS
97 Hobowarheads.gif Hobowarheads +10 Awake Hobowarrior
98 Mop-Rocks.gif Mop Rocks +10 Awake Mop Head
99 ICPeanut-Butter-Cup.gif ICPeanut Butter Cup +15 Awake Magnetism
100 Sugarfree-Gum.gif Sugarfree Gum +10 Awake Pearly Whites
101 Kit-Rat-Bar.gif Kit Rat Bar +20 Awake Chocorat
102 Butlerfinger.gif Butlerfinger +10 Awake
Gives you 5 Bernard's Credits upon consumption.
103 Life-Savers.gif Life Savers +25 Awake
Fully restores your HP upon consumption.
104 Pay-Day.gif Pay Day +20 Awake
Yields a sizable amount of cash upon consumption.
105 Candycorn.gif Candycorn +20 Awake

106 Sourpatch-Bums.gif Sourpatch Bums +10 Awake
+2 Spd, Pow, Str

107 L&Ls.gif L&Ls +10 Awake
+3 Pow/Str/Spd

Red L&Ls give you power.
Green L&Ls give you strength.
Blue L&Ls give you speed.
108 Apple-Surprise.gif Apple Surprise +25 Awake
Reduces your HP to zero upon consumption.
109 Death-Mints.gif Death Mints +10 Awake Zombified Reduces your HP to zero upon consumption.
110 Blow-Up-Pop.gif Blow-Up Pop +10 Awake Kablooie
111 Peppermint-Burger-Patties.gif Peppermint Burger Patties +20 Awake Minty Beef Breath
112 Rock-Candy.gif Rock Candy +10 Awake Like A Rock
113 Walking-Taco.gif Walking Taco +20 Awake
+50 Explore Turns
114 Freedom-Fries.gif Freedom Fries +15 Awake Patriotic May be added to a full trolly if found while exploring the city.
115 Jugger-Nut.gif Jugger-Nut +15 Awake Juggernutalicious May be added to a full trolly if found while exploring the city.
116 Pizza-Del-Mare.gif Pizza Del Mare +5 Awake
Cannot be consumed.
117 Bottle-of-Coke.gif Bottle of Coke +30 Awake

118 Smart-Cookie.png Smart Cookie +20 Awake
+5 Intelligence

119 Brains.gif Brains +40 Awake Brainy May be added to a full trolly if found in the Zombie Survival Package.
121 Death-By-Chocolate.gif Death By Chocolate +25 Awake Hobola Can only infect Hobola the first time consumed.
122 Spooky-Biscuit.gif Spooky Biscuit +15 Awake 0
Cannot be consumed.
Feeding to a rat transforms them into a Vampire Rat.
123 Twozzlers.gif Twozzlers +10 Awake Double You 0
125 Red-Hot-Chili-Pepper.gif Red Hot Chili Pepper +13 Awake Under the Bridge 0
Longer-Lasting-Gobstopper.gif Longer-Lasting Gobstopper +14 Awake Longer-Lasting Energization Forged from 2 Semi-Lasting Gobstoppers and Dry Ice.
Double-Gorillas.gif Double Gorillas +14 Awake Double Gorilla Strength Forged from 2 Gummi Gorillas and Dry Ice.
Double-Falcons.gif Double Falcons +14 Awake Double Falcon Speed Forged from 2 Gummi Peregrine Falcons and Dry Ice.
Double-Raptors.gif Double Raptors +14 Awake Double Raptor Power Forged from 2 Gummi Raptors and Dry Ice.
Triple-Dipps.gif Triple Dipps +33 Awake Stickier Colder Hands Forged from 3 Dippin Dots and Dry Ice.
Rainbow-Balls.gif Rainbow Balls +21 Awake Rainbow Pox Forged from 3 Rainbow Drops and Dry Ice.
Wonka-Quadra-Candy-Cane.gif Wonka Quadra Candy Cane +24 Awake Quadra Jitters Forged from 4 Wonka-stripe Candy Canes and Dry Ice.
9999  !z 9999