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Category Status Effect
Subcategories Adverse Effect
Battle Effect
Field Effect
Stat-Altering Effect
Version Availability HoboWars
Facebook Hobowars

Hobola is an unique status effect with many attributes:

  • Temporarily reduces your Intel to 1
  • Removes your attack range.
  • Makes you extremely weak against the Cricket Bat.
  • Places you on the ??? Side
  • Overrides/prevents you from using other Status Effects (except Ring Pop).
  • Prevents opponents from winning with the Sorrowful effect.
  • Gives access to the Dark Pit.
  • Allows you to infect other players with Hobola.

Any player with Hobola is considered Infected, and as such the terms are interchangeable. Infections are divided into strains. Each strain has an unique id# which matches the originator of that particular strain; Eating a Death By Chocolate creates a strain with your id#. Hobos can only be infected by each strain once. Infected players have a chance to infect others by attacking and defeating them. The odds of a player infecting others diminish the more that player spreads the strain and resets to normal once that player is cured. Infected hobos are automatically cured after approx 24hrs. Cures can be received for a fee at the Hospital, except during the Halloween Dark Pit Event. Additionally, players can avoid becoming infected by having the Hazmat Suit equipped.

If you are participating in Side Wars, you can you can claim territory for ??? Side. Due to not having a base, you can't redeem flags for WP & cans. WP gains & territory gained while on ??? Side won't count towards your original side's total when you return to it. However, all territory claims, city fights, and WP gained still count towards your personal total (top 10 wp, top 5 fighters/claimers) when you return to your side upon cure.

List of Sources and Durations

Source Duration
HoboWars HoboWars2 Facebook HoboWars HoboArena
Death By Chocolate
(First time only)
Approx 24hrs Approx 24hrs Approx 24hrs
(Requires losing to an infected attacker)
Approx 24hrs Approx 24hrs Approx 24hrs