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Cans are a source of income which can be exchanged with Cash anytime within the day. Within the game there are eleven places and two actions to gather cans. Some locations require you to complete some of the Adventures, or other criteria to unlock.

The only hard part is staying in the routine of collecting cans and only selling them when you must.

Locations where to find Cans

There is no limit to the number of cans that you can have at any one time. Also, you can keep your cans for as long as needed without them ever getting too old and "expiring". All these locations are in one way or another called exploring.

You may find 1 to 7 cans at a time from exploring. Cans received in bulk prizes can reach higher amounts.

In order to help you collect the maximum possible number of cans you can use a mixer drink called The Long Walk and/or have a Can Tattoo from the Temporary Tattoo Parlor


After finishing the Hoburbia Adventures the Beeramid remains open and explorable, just like the sewers. Beeramid provides another place to level adventure weapons and collect a number of cans. It is considered the second best location in terms of yield.

Beeramid is located in Hoburbia.


While Begging, you will have a chance to receive rewards. One such reward is cans. Having the Beggar Ring provides an additional chance to receive rewards. Begging rewards can be found at most begging locations. See the Begging page for exact details about which areas have can rewards available.

Bernard's Mansion

Inside the Mansion you can visit the Bernard's Basement. In the basement you can find, amongst other things, cans, just like exploring other areas. Anyone that has any access to Bernard's Mansion will have access to the basement.

Access to Bernard's Basement is allowed once you have reach level 100, have the required qualifications, and pay the one-time membership fee for Bernard's Mansion.

Canbodian Jungle

The Canbodian Jungle offers can events in the jungle clearings that are worth exploring. Hobos that strive for obtaining the can tattoo use the Canbodian Jungle as the location for fast collection.

The Canbodian Jungle is located in Canbodia and is available after reaching mission 7 of the Canbodia Adventures.

Canbodian River

While sailing and exploring the Canbodian River, there are a number of events which offer cans as a reward. Each event is unlocked after reaching a certain mission day in the Canbodia Adventures

The Canbodia River is unlocked after reaching mission 6 of the Canbodia Adventures, but the can prizes are unlocked on various missions after that.


If you are signed up for the Community Service Program (CSP) at the Government House, one of the events you will encounter is a can reward.

Exploring the City

Cans are primarily found from Exploring in the city. Both food and cash can be also found and are used in other parts of the game. This just means that the exploration area is another way to earn money or feed your hobo. You need a trolley to collect cans and food, but not money.

In addition to wondering around the city, you can gain cans from certain Side Wars techniques. Capturing city territories in side wars will net you a cool 5 cans per territory. Capturing a flag and returning it to your home base will earn you a whopping 100 cans!

If the mundane task of exploring the city every day is too cumbersome, you can use the following items to automatically explore the city for you.


The Mini Hobot is a usable item that will explore the city for you. The Mini Hobot will be able to find only cash and can while exploring, and will also return the arena pass if you have not found it yet for that day. You must have 100 explore turns to use the Hobot.


Similarly to the Mini Hobot the Nutcracker uses 100 explore turns to collect cans and cash for you, but with added improved finds.


Similar to Begging, while fighting in the Arena or Parking Garage you also have a chance to receive can special rewards.

Lotto Tickets

Lotto Tickets, which can only be found on HoboArena, can sometimes give cans when redeemed at the Raffle Room in the Casino.

Nursing Home

The Internet Room at the Nursing Home in Hoburbia houses a computer to submit Wonka Bar Wrappers in for prizes. One such prize available is cans.


The Red Light District in Second City is another small location to spend your awake to explore to find cans, cash, and NPC battles.


Another location to find cans are the Sewers. While walking around, you will have the opportunity to find cans. Part of the adventure will give you the opportunity to find a one-time large amount of cans in various locations within the sewers.

The Sewers Located in the Second City and require you to have opened them up during the respective days of the Second City Adventures.

Technicolor Jungle

The Technicolor Jungle can be explored without being alive, but you cannot collect cans if exploring while dead. The Technicolor Jungle might not be the best location for can collection, but the other benefits in this area level out the reward of exploring this area.

The Technicolor Jungle is found in Canbodia. It is unlocked after starting the Mining Mini Adventure.

Locations to Use Cans

Can Cannon

The Can Cannon is a levelable weapon which uses cans to double attack while fighting. Cans are expended at a rate of one can per attack line. Misses of cans result in used cans, however if you do not do any damage due to insufficient power, cans are NOT used.

Can Depot

Cans can be sold for money at the Can Depot. Initially, the cans that you collect may not seem like they are worth much. In the early levels this is true, but if you are diligent about collecting cans and saving them until you absolutely have to sell them, they can be a very nice bonus. Since the price that you can sell your cans at the can depot increases with both your hobo's level and intelligence, the cans that you collect early on in the game are worth many times more later in the game.

Hoburbia Flea Market

The Flea Market found in Hoburbia's Tin Can Alley is a market that trades cans for specific game items. Some of the are unique and can only be found there.

Recycle Bin

Alternately to the Can Depot, you can exchange the cans in Canbodia's Recycling Bin for cash and Hippy Points. Those points can be used to trade for various prizes ranging from alcohol to stats to extra wishes.

Second City Flea Market

The Second City has its own Flea Market inside the Bus Station. Most items like, Bowling Shoes, can only be purchased here.