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The Old Man's Arena is located behind the Corner 7/11. It is home to a group of fierce fighters led by the Old Man.

Gaining Entry

In order to gain access to the Arena, you must first find the Arena Pass, a special item that can only be found while exploring the City. Hobots and Nutcrackers will always find the Arena Pass for you.

Once you have obtained an Arena Pass, you have unlimited access to the Arena until the next major reset.


The Arena features 15 opponents for you to fight against. In order to unlock the next opponent, the previous one must be defeated first. After you have defeated the Old Man, another additional 15 opponents, known as the Arena Elite, become unlocked and available for you to fight against.

Fighting against an Arena opponent costs 5T.

Because the opponents at the Arena are NPCs, or non-player characters, battles against them are little bit different than battles against other players.

Arena NPCs:

  • Are automatically restored to full health when they lose against you.
  • Are not automatically restored to full health when they win against you or tie against you.
  • Are exempt from the slut tax.
  • Always provide a static amount of money and experience upon being defeated.
  • Do not steal half of your on-hand money upon defeating you.
  • Do not gain experience when they defeat you, meaning that they cannot level up.
  • Do not retain any status effects they receive from you during a battle.
  • Do not retain any stat alterations they receive from you during a battle.

Therefore, you can fight against an Arena opponent as much as you want as long as you are still alive. If you try to attack an Arena opponent while you are unconscious, you will be redirected to the Hospital so that you can restore your health.

Each Arena opponent keeps track of how many times you win against and lose against them.

Special Rewards

Whenever you defeat an Arena opponent, there is a small chance that you'll receive a special reward.

On HoboArena, the first time you defeat an opponent you receive a unique special reward. You obtain this same reward with every 25 defeats after that. The unique prizes are listed in the table in the next section.

Special Rewards
  • Cash and experience bonuses.
    • ×2 Experience and Cash
    • ×4 Experience and Cash
    • ×8 Experience and Cash
    • ×14 Experience and Cash
  • Awake gains.
    • +5 Tiredness
    • +10 Tiredness
    • +20 Tiredness
  • Explore turn gains.
    • 15 Explore Turns
  • Life stat gains.
    • +25 Max Life
  • Intelligence stat gains.
    • +3 Intelligence
    • +10 Intellgence
  • Free cans.
    • 10 Cans
    • 20 Cans
  • Free points.
    • 2 Points
    • 3 Points
    • 4 Points
  • Donator Day gains (requires donator status).
    • +7 Donator Days

List of Arena Opponents

The following is a list of the Arena opponents, as well as information pertaining to their stats and the amount experience and money you get upon defeating them.

On HoboArena, each of these opponents also give a unique prizes. The unique prizes are awarded on the first time you beat them along with every incremental 25th win against them.

Arena Opponents