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Mining is a new activity introduced after the completion of the Canbodian adventures. Mining is a potentially rewarding endeavor in which one mines the deep underdark of Canbodia, in search of rare ore. This rare ore can then be used for converting stat points from one to another among your battle stats, ultimately allowing for fine-tuning of fighting builds that were impossible before.

Besides the fighting aspect, there are also a number of uses for Hobalt relating to rings and odd pawnable rewards. A few times during each year, mine access will be blocked for a few days by Hobosaurus Rex. Access is regained after the community defeats the beast.


Mining is quite simple; once you've stepped into the mines in the Technicolor Jungle (labeled as "More Jungle" in Canbodia), much like adventure exploring, you move up to a wall. Attempting to move into the wall opens up the mining interface, in which the wall is displayed along with your tools. Simply click on the tool you want to use and click on the spots on the wall on which you wish to mine; you should click to place all your moves or use the auto-mine feature. By using tools other than the pickaxe, such as the one-shot explosive tools, you will uncover more dirt than you did before.

By mining on the off-coloured marks on the wall, you will find ores and gain mining stat points. There are other chances to gain mining stats, such as rescuing a player trapped by a cave-in and other random bonuses granting walking around the mine. As you continue to strike the wall, the integrity of the wall will fall until it collapses from your efforts, leaving any unharvested ore out of reach. This will allow you to rescue other players and travel to the depths of the mines.

Auto Shift

The auto shift function, while mining, will switch to the next best mining equipment, when the current one that is being used runs out. If not selected, then you will be switched to the pickax.


In order to begin mining, all you need is a pickaxe; the other items simply prevent injury and provide more moves and bonuses, giving you more strikes per T and thus greater yields. The explosive items are consumed immediately after use and clear more space than the pickaxe will.

The higher-order explosives use more than one move, but their explosive yield is quite impressive.

Only one piece of mining equipment may be equipped at any given time (in addition to the Pickaxe and Miners Cap). Mining equipment wears out after heavy use but is guaranteed to last at least 1 month.

Image Equipment Stats Cost Image Explosives Stats Cost
 !a -9999  !a -$99999999 -999999
Pickaxe.gif Pickaxe Blast Radius: 6
Blast Strength: 7
Moves: 1
$1,000,000 Dynamite-Stick.gif Dynamite Stick Blast Radius: 9
Blast Strength: 9
Moves: 1
Need 10 Mining
Miners-Cap.gif Miner's Cap Prevents injury from cave-ins. $2,000,000 Bundle-of-Dynamite.gif Bundle of Dynamite Blast Radius: 15
Blast Strength: 10
Moves: 2
Need 50 Mining
Pockets.gif Pockets Moves: +1
Need 100 Mining
$5,000,000 Bomb.gif Bomb Blast Radius: 9
Blast Strength: 11
Moves: 1
Need 150 Mining
Spelunking-Satchel.gif Spelunking Satchel +1 Move
+1 Blast Radius
+1 Blast Strength
Need 200 Mining
$7,500,000 Plastic-Explosives.gif Plastic Explosives Blast Radius: 12
Blast Strength: 13
Moves: 2
Need 250 Mining
Dynamite-Pouch.gif Dynamite Pouch +2 Move
Need 300 Mining
$10,000,000 TNT.gif TNT Blast Radius: 16
Blast Strength: 15
Moves: 3
Need 350 Mining
Blast-Jacket.gif Blast Jacket +2 Move
+1 Blast Radius
+1 Blast Strength
Need 400 Mining
Gold-Pickaxe.gif Gold Pickaxe Blast Radius: 9
Blast Strength: 9
Moves: 1
Blast Radius: 12*
Blast Strength: 13*
HoboArena Reward
*5% chance of replacing regular stats each strike.

Front vs Back

The back yields more ore and mining stat gained per ore, but has harder walls. On the other hand, walls in the front are easier to break, and also yield a higher chance of finding a buried player, ultimately leading to more mining stat. Finally, your chance of being excavated in the front is much higher, as many players tend to mine there.

Ore Probabilities

Hobalt Shards are more rare than Black Ore and Black Ore is more rare than any other ore. Black Ore is more commonly found near the back of the Mines and you generally find more ore near the back of the Mines. Because of this, you will find more Hobalt Shards than Black Ore if you only mine near the front of the mine.

Trading Post

All ore can be traded at a net 'profit' for stats. The profit decreases every ten trades, until after 200 trades in a given day, you are only gaining one stat at the same rate that you lose another. Ores of unwanted colours can be traded at a rate of 5:3 for the colour of your choice at the Miner's Depot at the Mine Entrance, with the exception of black ore, which can be traded at a rate of 5:5.

Image Name Trade Image Name Trade
 !a -9999  !a -$99999999 -999999
Green-Ore.gif Green Ore Speed to Strength White-Ore.gif White Ore Power to Strength
Yellow-Ore.gif Yellow Ore Power to Speed Orange-Ore.gif Orange Ore Strength to Speed
Red-Ore.gif Red Ore Strength to Power Purple-Ore.gif Purple Ore Speed to Power
Black-Ore.gif Black Ore Strength, Speed and Power to Life Hobalt-Chunk.gif Hobalt Chunk Used to craft rings
trade for 50 Hobalt Shards.
Hobalt-Shard.gif Hobalt Shard 1 shard for 3 colored ore
50 shards for a Hobalt Chunk
75 shards for the Begging Piggy
250 shards for the Ring of Revelation