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Canbodia is the fourth major location in the game. It is the central location of the Canbodia Adventures and becomes accessible once you have assembled a crew for your Wonka Boat.



There are 13 unique locations in Canbodia:

Army Base

The Hobo Army Base; not much to it.

Canbodian Jungle

An explorable jungle; has random encounters/fights and ingredients.

Canbodian River

For 5T, one can sail the river; offers random items & bonuses.

Dive Bar

Sells booze; features a neat tip jar.

Hobo Beach

Once you complete the mission here, you are be able to play Stratego for one Smart Bread every day, at a cost of 30T.

Hot Topic

A clothing store that doesn't sell anything.

Improved Dumpster

A better version of the Corner 7/11 Industrial Bin that offers more items.

Kurtz's Camp

Kurtz's hideout, obviously. If you have Sticks, you can make Fire here.


The famous Canbodian Mines where you can mine for ore and Hobalt Shards and exchange them for various goods. You must first traverse the Technicolor Jungle to find this area.

Recycling Bin

A place where you can donate your cans in return for Recycling Points and cash.

Skate Park

Bet you wish you knew how to skateboard.

Technicolor Jungle

A jungle full of alcohol-infused berries and goodies in its deepest corners. The location is added to your map after listening to the Old Man at the beach.

Temporary Tattoo Parlor

Brand your hobo with a benefit-bestowing tattoo.