Canbodian Jungle

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The Canbodia Jungle is a location in Canbodia used during the Canbodia Adventures and for specialty items afterwords.

Canbodia Jungle
██ = Start Location
██ = Map Location
██ = Jungle Clearing
██ = Adventure Event
██ = Furry Village
██ = Obstruction

Points of Interest

Start Location

Starting location of the Canbodia Jungle. You will reset to this location when you first arrive or click the link to return to the beginning.

Map Location

Location of the Jungle map that can be placed into your atlas.

Jungle Clearings

Random events can occur in these locations.

  • Empty Clearing - Nothing occurs.
  • Can Events - Will yield 25, 50, or 100 cans.
  • Food Events - Will yield different foods, including Smart Bread, Sweet Bomb, Golden Goose Egg, and Mountain Honeydew Melon.
  • Fight Events - You will be attacked by either a Giraffelad or Slothgirl. These fights will result in a small stat gain and if equipped, adventure gear experience.

Adventure Events

Adventure related events will occur in these locations when accessed for the first time. These are places to find NPCs and the King's Cup.

Furry Village

When encountered for the first time, a Zebra Furry will allow you through to access the King's Cup. Once obtained, you cannot go beyond this point.