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The Canbodia Adventure set is the third and final large adventure set to be currently released in Hobowars. It is built off of the theme of Apocalypse Now. It starts when you discover Gutter Punks when exploring the city (cough)Lucky Numbers(cough). The first few days take place inside all previously discovered territories, but as the missions are given to you, you sail to an unknown land - Canbodia.

In the past, the Canbodia adventures could be completed as soon as you got the Wonka Boat from Hoburbia and saw the hatch while exploring the city. But recent changes have been made to delay this start until you complete the Hoburbia Adventures in their entirety.

Adventure Guide

It has been determined that the wiki will NOT contained a descriptive adventure guide. If you have an questions regarding what you need to do during a specific adventure day, please use the Adventure Talk board.

I cannot defeat xxxxxx on Day zz??

Probably the most asked question. 9 times out of 10, the problem is you do not have enough battle stats. Most NPC fights during the adventures require you to have some battle stats, and fights will become harder as the adventures progress. So:

  • If you are not getting any hits in during the fight:
    • You need more speed. Either train speed at the uni or get one of the Status Effects that give a boost to your speed stat. Getting a ring (and higher respect levels) will also give you a boost.
  • If you are not doing any or very little damage
    • You need more attack. Either train power at the uni, get one of the Status Effects (see link above) to give you a power boost, or get a weapon that does more damage.
  • If you are getting the crap pummeled out of you when you take hits
    • You need more defense. Train strength, get a strength boosting effect, or a better armor.

Note: The adventures were initially setup to allow anyone to progress through with minimal battle stats. Recent changes have introduced more difficult opponents deeper into the adventure days. So while you might have only needed a dozen battle stats with no special effects "back in the day", that is no longer an option.

Adventure Days

There are 18 "missions" to the Canbodian Adventures. After each mission, you must wait until the next minor reset (AM->PM) before you can undertake the next.

Task List and Unique Items Obtained

Here is a very high-level review of how to complete the adventure days. With the exception of Day 1 (more detail to get you started on the adventure set), instructions on how to complete the tasks is for you to figure out. 99% of all tasks are fairly straightforward to accomplish. Any tasks that have frequently asked questions about may include hints to help you complete the task. Note: Any fights that require a "special setup" will be noted.

Tasks Unique Items Found
Mission 1
  • Get Enrolled Caption!
    • Look for hatch in the city. Explore your lucky numbers!
    • Follow the Gutter Punks
    • Obtain Fake ID
  • Celebration Time!
    • Alcohol time!
    • Meet the Hobo Army General
  • Obtain Dossier
    • Note: Make sure you finish your mission
  • Anarchy Patch
    • A symbol of rebellion! A useful item for trade.
  • Bottle of Glue
    • It's a bottle of glue. What more is there to say other then you can trade it.
  • Fake ID
    • A way for others to identify who you are, or who you are pretending to be that is. Useful for buying things that require you to err... prove who you are.
  • Dossier
    • Contains mission briefings for each day of the Canbodian adventure set.
Mission 2
  • Open up your dossier in your Backpack (all days forward will start with this)
  • Recruit your first crew member.

Mission 3
  • Recruit your second crew member.
    • Use his ID at Wonka's Factory
    • Note: If you have problems playing the game, try using a different layout (v2 or v3). Some layouts have been known to not work correctly all of the time.

Mission 4
  • Recruit your third crew member.

Mission 5
  • Recruit your fourth and final crew member.
    • If you have him recruited in the parking garage, he'll wonder back to where you first found him.
    • You may need to be Curiously Strong with some sort of Status Effects

Mission 6
  • Canbodia Map
    • A map showing the locations and areas of Canbodia.
  • Smart Bread
    • Prize for winning the battle of the beach.
  • Ruiner's Rum
    • Prize for winning the battle of the beach.
Mission 7
  • Continue advancing up to the Jungle.
  • Goon Sack
    • Liquor found during the course of the day.
Mission 8
  • Continue advancing up to the Dive Bar.
  • Canbodia Jungle Map (optional)
    • A map showing the locations and areas of Canbodia. Requires the Atlas to use it.
  • Unlock Skill Shop
    • Remember that Big Foot you (might have) saw when you visited the skill shop?
Mission 9
  • Counter-Espionage Mission
  • Lucky Screwdriver
    • Item used during the course of the mission to unscrew something. Has no purpose afterwards
  • Mixer
    • Extremely useful item! Allows you to combine ingredients to make alcoholic mixed drinks!
Mission 10
  • Continue upriver to the Recycling Bin

Mission 11
  • Continue upriver to the Skate Park
  • Garden Shears
    • Allows you to clear certain areas of the jungles.
Mission 12
  • Take the Skate Park

Mission 13
  • Visit Hot Topic
  • Get a Tattoo

Mission 14

Mission 15
  • Today's the day! Infiltrate the camp for sure today!
  • Yiff Whistle
    • Extremely disgusting item. Use it only as a last resort to call the obnoxious and shameless furries.
Mission 16
  • Stop the gutter punks invasion!

Mission 17
  • Blow the hatch
  • Make your way to the camp
    • If you leave the tunnels, go back to the hatch location to jump back in.
  • Take down Kurtz for good
  • Underground Passage Map
    • Allows you to see the layout of the underground passages. Requires the Atlas in order to use it.
Mission 18
  • Mission Debriefing
    • Gather your crewmates
  • Obtain Kings Cup

Completion of Canbodian Adventure Rewards