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Mini Adventures are updates added to the game that create that "adventures" feel, but do not require the full 20-25 day experience. Some updates are not directly claimed of as "Mini Adventures". It is more a term that has been given to them from the hobo community.

There have been 4 Common "Mini Adventures" released to date. There are also a number of "Lite Adventures" released to Facebook and Arena prior to the common adventures being released there.

Mini Adventures

April Fools Mini Adventure

The April Fools mini adventures was the original "mini adventure" that was released. Released on April 1st, some speculated that it was nothing more than a prank. The goal was to unlock and obtain the lemonade. It is the most elaborate of the mini adventures because it was implemented in two parts and it requires some very hard work to complete certain parts. Fortunately, all of that hard work eventually results in an awesome reward!

Part 1

On the first of April, back in 2010, hobos received a random Xmas Gift in their Unusually Large Backpack. Opening it revealed a Yellow Jumpsuit. It took a minute, okay more like a couple hours, to reveal the jumpsuit's usefulness...

Once you figure out the usefulness of the jumpsuit and unlock the location, you can explore that place and find a glass of Lemonade! Of course, it turned out to be extremely useless!

Ah! Cool refreshing lemonade! It smells pretty potent. It must be of the lynchburg variety.
You lift the glass to your lips.
AUGGHHHH It's SOUR. Somebody forgot to sweeten this! If only you had a packet of sugar...

What a useless ending!

Part 2

So much rage and anger ensued! People everywhere wanted to know what it meant! Of course, everyone eventually believed it was just an April Fools joke from Cube! At least until April 1st, 2011 when a strange woman showed up at the Parking Garage and three teenagers appear at the Bus Station in Second City.

Well, let's get to work. Our woman has had her Car Key stolen by someone, and it has become your job to figure out who the perpetrator is.

Oh crap, not him AGAIN! Does he never learn his lesson!?

Warning: This is NOT an easy fight. There is a decent chance you may not have enough stats, even with the best equipment and buffs to help you out.

When you finally win back the car key he stole and return it to its owner, she rewards you with a Hybrid Ring. Take the Hybrid Ring back to the teens and if you can muster enough respect to get the teens on their journey, they start on their way and during the process you obtain a Packet of Sugar.

Back in April 2011, nobody was close to level 1000. Joke's on us AGAIN MAN!

Now, almost 2 years later as people begin to reach that level 1000 mark, people can finally tear the packet to get an Open Packet of Sugar, stirring in the awesomeness that is sugar and learning the true potential that is the Lemonade!!!


The April Fools Mini Adventure and all of its qualities are available in HoboWars, HoboWars2, and Facebook HoboWars.

The Grand Reward

When you finally get all of the requirements and get all of the items needed, you can drink the Lemonade, which provides a very nifty reward.

Skill Shop Mini Adventure

The Skill Shop was added to the city during the release of Skills! When you tried to get into the shop, all you get is the manager saying something about a "big footprint" at the store. You can find similar "big footprint" at another location in the Hobo World, and when you do, prepare to face a great monster!

Be warned that this battle may be difficult to win against with minimal stats.

Luckily the beast does not heal back to full life between fights, so if you need to, you can slowly knock his life total down until he releases his hostage. When she's free, she gives you a wonderful reward!

She becomes the cashier at the Skill Shop...


The Skill Shop and all of its qualities are available in HoboWars, HoboWars2 and Facebook HoboWars.

The Reward

When you finish this mini adventure, you can start to buy and use skills in battles.

Mining Mini Adventure

What's this? A jungle in Canbodia? Well duh, of course there is one!

Oh wait, there's TWO of them! Inside the More Jungle, or Technicolor Jungle, you can eventually come across a funny cave. Turns out this is no ordinary cave, but a full fledged mine, only the miners won't let you in. Listen to the tale of the man on the Hobo Beach and you learn how to get in!

What, you expect more? Okay fine, every 6 weeks or so there is a new monster, Hobosaurus Rex, that terrorizes the mines. You and everyone in the kingdom can whack on him day and night until eventually enough damage is done to make him run away and recover.


The Mines and all of it's qualities are available on all versions.
However Rex is NOT available on Facebook HoboWars or HoboArena.

The Reward

When you finally are allowed in, you can begin your career as a miner. There are a number of items that can be gained exclusively in the mines. The mines are also a great place to "switch" your stats, or in other words trade one stat in for another.

Genie Adventure

Empty Bottles

The Genie Mini Adventure is the newest of the mini adventures. To begin this adventure, you need to find the Empty Bottles. The Empty Bottles can be found in a couple of locations in the Hobo Universe, but most commonly found mixed with all of the other junk in the Improved Dumpster

By themselves, they are a pointless item. However, when you attempt to "recycle" the bottles, the Genie appears and will grant you 3 wishes! Well, only if you do something for his drunk ass.

Follow his instructions to create the Bloody Murray. Some of the ingredients are a little more difficult to obtain, but once you have them all and create the drink, you need to feed it to the genie. Click on the bottles in your Unusually Large Backpack and you will pour the drink into the bottles.

No good double-crossing alcoholic! It's just makes him more drunk! But you still get your new wishes. Head over to Loompa Land for the option to use them.


The Genie Mini Adventure is currently available on all versions.

The Reward

After you persuade the genie to give you wishes, you unlock Wishes 29 (Food Stamps), 34 (Bernard's Mansion access and credits), and 35 (bonus to Matching Game).

In addition, you can now mix the Bloody Murray anytime you want for yourself. The drink provides power and strength stats, but has a small chance of reducing your Blood Alcohol Content when you drink it.

Lite Adventures

There are a few specific "mini-adventures", more commonly known as the "Lite Adventures". They are confined to Facebook HoboWars and HoboArena:


At Level 10, Crudweisers become available at Walmart. You can purchase up to 6 at a time. They are reset when the rest of Walmart is reset.

This option is available to HoboArena only.

Begging Master

At Level 20, a Samurai appears at the High School. Defeat the Samurai to gain access to Begging Master. For 10T and a cash fee, you can train with the Begging Master, which will increase your begging stat at a faster rate than through normal begging.

This option is available to Facebook HoboWars only.

Terrier at WalMart

At Level 30 (HoboArena) or Level 100 (Facebook Hobowars), A Prize-Winning Yorkshire Terrier appears at WalMart. Feed it a Special Brownie to earn its loyalty and have it help you gain more cash while begging. It raises your base begging income by $2 for every level, up to $200 at level 100.

This option is available to both Facebook HoboWars and HoboArena.

Candy Forge

At Level 40, give the kid at the Primary School a Toothpuff to gain access to the Candy Forge.

This option is available to both Facebook HoboWars and HoboArena.

Haunted House

At Level 40, the Haunted House becomes accessible for exploring at the Traveling Carnival. Successfully navigate your way to the end and defeat the bosses to gain rewards.

This level requirement is only for HoboArena.

Smarty Pants

At Level 50, the Smarty Pants become available for purchase at the City Pawn shop, and can also be found in the Corner 7/11 Dumpster if you're lucky. Buy them and equip them to get the Brainy status effect whenever you gain intelligence stat past 100 intelligence.

This option is available to both Facebook HoboWars and HoboArena.


At Level 50, Boxing becomes available at the Second City Boxing Stadium. Defeat the NPC opponents there to earn experience, respect, cash and more.

This option is available to HoboArena only.

Silent Rob

At Level 60, Dre & Silent Rob appear at the Corner 7/11. Defeat Silent Rob to get your scratch-offs upgraded to Toothpuff Plus.

This option is available to both Facebook HoboWars and HoboArena.


At Level 80, the Magnet becomes available for purchase at the City Pawn. Buy it to get otherwise unobtainable Corner 7/11 Dumpster finds.

This level requirement is only for Facebook HoboWars.