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Begging is one of the major activities in the game. Unlike training and fighting, which lead to a powerful, yet poor hobo, begging leads to a rich, yet weak hobo.

Basic Mechanics

Begging is the act of soliciting money from other people. In HoboWars, this is accomplished by going to a certain location, usually the Corner 7/11 or City Hall, and using a certain amount of Awake, usually 10T, to sit down and ask passersby for some money. The act of begging is instantaneous; once you use your Awake to beg, you complete a begging session. A begging report shows you the results of the begging session which includes money, beg stat and experience gained. The money you made from the begging session goes straight to your hand.

Every time you complete a begging session, you gain begging stat. Begging stat determines how much money you make from a begging session. As your begging stat increases, the money you make per begging session also increases. Because you start out with a begging stat of 2.4, you are not going to make a lot of money from begging at first. However, if you keep begging, you will gradually make more and more money per begging session because your begging stat will be higher.

Begging stat isn't the only thing that influences how much money you make per begging session. Both your intelligence stat and your level also play a role. The higher your intelligence, the more money you will make per begging session, and the higher your level, the more money you will make per begging session. Of the three, level has the strongest influence on how much money you make per begging session, with begging stat having the second strongest influence, and intelligence stat having the third strongest influence.

Keep in mind that begging requires a lot of Awake. If you spend most of your Awake on begging, you will not be able to sufficiently train your combat stats or frequently fight to level up. Thus, your hobo will be weaker compared to other hobos, meaning that you can easily be defeated and have half of the money you made stolen from you! Therefore, once you are done begging, always make sure to deposit your money into your Piggy Bank as quickly as possible so that another player doesn't steal it from you.

When you reach a begging stat of 50, you will be able to purchase a begging level upgrade at the Corner 7/11. Once you purchase the upgrade, your begging level will become level 1, meaning that in addition to money and begging stat, you will also gain level experience per begging session. This means that you no longer have to rely on fighting other players to gain experience to level up, as you can now gain experience though begging. As your begging stat continues to increase, you will be able to purchase more begging level upgrades, up to the level 5 upgrade, available at 500 begging.

It takes a lot of time and patience to become a proficient beggar. Just keep at it and you will be raking in the dough!


The first step on the long road to reaching your goal is to max out your intelligence to soft cap at the schools, and then to hard cap through items and events. It should also be mentioned that being a higher level will give yield more money per beg, so it is also a good idea to level to at least 200-300 before considering begging full time. Also, with the introduction of items that increase beg stat directly, you should try to focus on collecting and using them.


You gain a bonus +10% cash per beg for every 50 Intel you have, for up to a +200% bonus at 1000 intelligence. From 1000 to 1500 intel you will gain an additional 10% every 50 intel for an extra 100% increase. But 1500 to 2500 intel you will gain that 10% every 100 intel instead. This means at 2500 intelligence the effect is +400% total to money and experience gains.

Begging Stat

Begging stat is your skill at begging. You can train your begging, but at certain levels, some sources of gaining more no longer work. Beg stat goes up rather slowly, but faster at first, gaining more each beg. At 100 begging, the gains split and progress slows, however your gains will eventually increase again; begging stat gains at 800 is faster than at 200. There are three caps, known as the soft, soft-hard cap, and hard caps. Depending on the version you are playing, the values of these caps vary as described below. Additionally, our begging stat is also connected to the maximum beg level, described in a later section.

Begging Stat Gains at Certain Begging Stat Ranges
Begging Stat Range Begging Stat Gains
0 - 50 0.0171 ~ 0.0225
50 - 100 0.022 ~ 0.026
100 - 200 0.014
200 - 300 0.0139 ~ 0.0155
300 - 350 0.017
350 - 400 0.018
400 - 450 0.019
450 - 500 0.020
500 - 600 0.021
600 - 650 0.022
650 - 700 0.023
700 - 750 0.024
750 - 800 0.025
800 - 850 0.026
850 - 900 0.027
900 - 950 0.028
950 - 1050 0.029
1050 - 1120 0.030
1120 - 1200 0.031 - 0.032
Begging Caps
Level HoboWars HoboWars2 Facebook HoboWars HoboArena
Soft Cap 1,000 beg 1,000 beg 400 beg No Cap
Soft-Hard Cap 1,100 beg 1,100 beg 500 beg No Cap
Hard Cap 1,200 beg 1,200 beg 500 beg No Cap
  • You cannot get beg stat past the soft cap through begging unless you have the Clever Beggar status effect.
  • You can gain beg stat up to the soft-hard cap through foods and drinks.

Begging Level Upgrades

Your first begging level upgrade will be at the begging stat milestone of 50. After that you will start gaining experience from begging while alive. Getting the upgrades as soon as possible will increase the amount of money you gain from begging as well as the experience you earn. Otherwise, begging level upgrades have no impact on the actual begging process; there is no downside to an upgrade, besides the monetary cost. The begging level upgrades, and their prices, are outlined below. In Facebook HoboWars and HoboArena, each begging level allows begging at new locations.

Begging Level Upgrades
Upgrade Requirements Facebook HoboWars and HoboArena Extras
Begging Upgrades Begging Stat Cost Location Location Gains Location Bonuses
Upgrade to Level 1 50 $500,000 Arcade -20% Cash +15% Exp Pawnable Items
Upgrade to Level 2 100 $1,000,000 Casino +10% Cash -15% Exp Bonus Cash and Exp
Upgrade to Level 3 200 $2,000,000 Food Bank +10% Cash -10% Exp Soups
Upgrade to Level 4 300 $3,000,000 Shakedown Saloon -10% Cash +10% Exp Alcoholic Drinks
Upgrade to Level 5 500 $5,000,000

Begging Rewards

While begging at Corner 7/11, you have a chance to receive special rewards. These rewards are fairly common, occurring only a couple times per bar of T. You can increase your chance of getting a rewards by equipping a Beggar Ring. The Beggar Ring has the added bonus of increasing the types of rewards you can receive. If you used a wish to get the City Hall Booster Pack, then you can also receive begging rewards while begging at City Hall.

Standard Begging Rewards
  • Cash and experience bonuses.
    • +100% Experience and Cash
    • +200% Experience and Cash
    • +300% Experience and Cash
  • Awake gains.
    • +5 Tiredness
    • +10 Tiredness
    • +20 Tiredness
  • Free cans.
    • 25 Cans
    • 50 Cans
  • Explore turn gains.
    • 30 Explore Turns
  • Life stat gains.
    • +25 Max Life
  • Intelligence stat gains.
    • +3 Intelligence
    • +10 Intellgence
  • Free points.
    • 2 Points
  • Donator Day gains (must already be a donator).
    • +7 Donator Days

Please note that this list is not yet inclusive.

Beggar Ring Begging Rewards
Red = Negative Respect Only
Green = Positive Respect Only

Please note that this list is not yet inclusive.

Begging Modifiers

There are several items that have the ability to increase begging cash, experience, begging stat, special rewards, and other begging perks. These items are listed below:

Table of Begging Modifiers
Image Name Effect Type Other Information
Apple-Flavored-Gum.gif Apple Flavored Gum Increases your begging income by $1000 and your begging experience by 40%. Effect - Food
Bacon-Blast-Jelly-Beans.gif Bacon Blast Jelly Beans Increases your begging income by 20% and your begging experience by 15%. Effect - Food
Bawling-Baby.gif Bawling Baby Permanent +0.007 Begging stat
Increases your begging experience by 50%, but decreases your begging income by 50%.
Effect - Drink Stat gain increases based on Drinking stat.
Doesn't increase beg stat above 1100.
Beggar%27s-Bouillon.gif Beggar's Bouillon Permanent +0.5 Begging stat. Food Doesn't increase beg stat above 1100.
Beggars-Brunch.gif Beggar's Brunch Permanent +0.05 Begging stat.
Increases your begging income by 20% and your begging experience by 15%.
Effect - Food Benard's Mansion special.
Doesn't increase beg stat above 1100.
Beggar-Ring.gif Beggar Ring +[ 2 + (R–RANK / 4) ]% begging experience.
+(R–RANK / 4)% chance of begging rewards.
Equip - Ring Negative respect swaps the chances of exp and bonuses.
Begging-Piggy.gif Begging Piggy +10% Cash, +1 Begging Level,
+1% Begging Stats Gains
Equip - Backpack Mining item.
Breaks after 500~1000 uses.
Blueberry-Blast-Jelly-Beans.gif Blueberry Blast Jelly Beans Increases your begging income by 10% and your begging experience by 15%. Effect - Food
Cinnamon-Flavored-Gum.gif Cinnamon Flavored Gum Increases your begging income by $1500 and your begging experience by 40%. Effect - Food
Wish.png City Hall Booster Pack +10% to Beg Multiplier, Begging Awards, +1% Beg Stat Gains Wish Permanent upgrade to City Hall only.
Clever-Beggar.gif Clever Beggar Increases your begging experience by 55%, but decreases your begging income by 25%. Allows you to raise your begging stat from 1000 to 1200. Effect Benard's Mansion special
The ability to raise begging stat from 1000 to 1200 is through begging only.
Dead-Man-Walking.gif Dead Man Walking Gives you the ability to do things like exploring and begging while dead, without any negative consequences. Effect - Drink Even with this effect, you cannot fight while dead; any battles will result in an automatic loss.
Debit-Card.gif Debit Card 80% of begging gains go straight to your piggybank. Equip - Bernard's Bernard's Mansion special item
Eggnog.gif Eggnog Permanent +0.0036 Begging
+0.0250 Intelligence
+0.0750 Power, Strength, and Speed
Effect - Drink Stat gain increases based on Drinking stat.
Doesn't increase beg stat above 1100.
Eye-Gouger.gif Eye Gouger Increases your begging income by 10% and your begging experience by 35%,
but decreases your accuracy.
Effect - Drink
Gingerbread-Bum.gif Gingerbread Bum Increases your begging income by 25% and your begging experience by 40%. Effect - Food X-mas gift item.
Library-Card.gif Library Card +5% stat gains at university.
+5% experience gains from begging and fighting
+5% begging income gains.
Equip - Bernard's Bernard's Mansion special item
Professional-Beggar-Outfit.gif Professional Beggar Outfit +10% begging income gain. Equip - Bernard's Bernard's Mansion special item
Roast-Beef-Flavored-Gum.gif Roast Beef Flavored Gum Increases your strength by 600, your begging income by $500 and your begging experience by 50%. Effect - Food
Special-Sunglasses.gif Special Sunglasses +15% experience gains from begging and fighting. Equip - Bernard's Bernard's Mansion special item
Sugarfree-Gum.gif Sugarfree Gum Increases your begging income by $3000 and your begging experience by 50%. Effect - Food Halloween basket item.
Wish.png +5 Begging Permanent +5 Begging stat Wish Only usable once.
Breaks all begging caps.

Begging While Dead

You can beg while alive or dead, however begging while dead is disadvantageous because it reduces your experience and cash gains. The only way to counter these disadvantages is to drink a Dead Man Walking mixed drink before begging while dead. Begging while dead reduces your experience gains to 0, and reduces your cash gains by a percentage that is dependent on your level.

Begging While Dead Cash Reductions
Level Range Cash Reduction
1 - 9 0%
10 - 49 20%
50 - 99 30%
100 - 199 40%
200+ 50%

City Hall Begging

Another location to beg is at City Hall in Second City. The major downside to begging at City Hall is a reduced income. You will get 50% of your regular begs, or 60% with the City Hall Booster Pack that you can wish for from the Loompa Land Prize Redemption Shaman. Also, more people will drop cash in your cup if you have a high begging level, giving you a potentially higher base beg than at 7/11.

One major advantage of begging at city hall is the rare event of meeting the Deputy Mayor. If you are lucky enough to get this random event, your income and experience will be increased significantly. His boosts are as follows::

  • Base income is doubled.
  • Special reward multipliers are doubled for income.
  • Base experience gain is tripled.
  • Special reward multipliers are tripled for experience gain.
  • Does not multiply boosts from effects, equipment, or other means.

Other Sources of Experience for Beggars

Rapes and sluts are the secondary source of experience for beggars. With the money you make from begging, you can pay for people to lose to you one way or another.

Gang Begging Level

Gang begging levels help you with your begging, although you should never base your gang choice purely on their begging level. The higher your gang's beg level, the more money your gang earns every time you beg, known as gang income. You also receive extra money equal to the gang income you earned. For every gang begging level, you and the gang get an extra 0.4% of your money you earn per beg. For example, if a gang has a level 10 gang begging level, you and the gang would receive 4% extra to the amount you normally earn. There is currently a max gang beg level of level 20.

Further Advice

There's not much you can do about even or higher level fighters beating you, although if you're nice when caught begging, you can probably get back your cash. Otherwise, you can always get your gang and/or friends to hitlist them. There's two things you can do to help yourself out against inferior-level fighters:

  • Get a rat - Train his agility more than anything else, allowing him to get in the max number of hits. Speed bonuses from respect make this even more important.
  • Train your strength - This will reduce the damage done to you and can drag the fight out longer giving your rat time to do more damage or causing a draw. Don't spend too much time training or your begging will fall behind. The two best times to train are when there is someone refreshing your profile and not letting you get 1 beg in before dieing, and when you get a 13+ score at the University. At the start of the day, it's a good idea to see what kind of score you can pry out of the University puzzle. You may get lucky and not waste time later.