Second City

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Second City, formerly Ye Olde Towne, is reachable through riding the Short Bus, which is located on the North Side of the City. This city is the staging ground for the Second City Adventures



There are 14 unique locations in Second City.

Bowling Alley

You can bowl for 15T. You must have the bowling shoes equipped in order to bowl. The bowling shoes may be found at the Tin Can Alley flea market. To equip (once bought), click on the icon in your backpack. You will, initially, have 2 opponents to select from. Once you beat one you will open up a third opponent.

Boxing Stadium

A sign outside the stadium reads: No fights today! Go home!

Bus Station

The Bus Station is your link to the first City. You can also visit the Flea Market and buy several items that you may need.

City Hall

A place to beg (like the Corner 7/11). You will receive reduced income, but can randomly receive huge sums of cash from the Deputy Mayor. You can also play RPSLS here to win cash & Smart Bread.


The docks will show "Nobody else around the docks tonight" until certain side adventures are completed, in which case you will be able to buy special foods afterwards. They also house your Wonka Boat for later use after obtained during the Hoburbia Adventures.

Liquor Store

You need a Fake ID in order to buy anything from the Liquor Store. If you do not have a Fake ID, you will be rickrolled.

Night Club

Will read "The bouncer turns you away at the door" until certain adventures are completed. Once available, you can dance for 2T in order to make small amounts of money and possibly find Disco Rats.


You can catch a Winged Rat for 2T or have a nice stroll through the Park.

Parking Garage

You must pay $100 to get in. Once you you may participate in a Fight Club. Your first opponent is Tyler Durden. You can find other other opponents as you complete different portions of adventures. Tyler gains levels and stats the more times you fight him, the higher the level he gets, the more time you have to beat him before he gains another one. As his levels rises, so do his stats accordingly. The Garage is one place where you can train Adventure Equipment.


A place where you can buy slightly better armory pieces then from the Toy Store. You can also trade back rings here.

Telephone Booth

Unlabeled on the map and located next to the Red Light District. It rings every 24 hours, receiving calls from various people who require your services.

Red Light District

You can explore for 3T. Random encounters/fights will get you money and/or stats.


A foul smelling place with 4 mysterious doors. Costs 2T to explore, 1T with the Gas Mask.

Train Station

A train that connects Second City and Hoburbia. Some hobos loiter in boxes near the tracks.