Red Light District

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The Red Light District (RLD) is a Second City location. It is the home of Pimps, Hos, Thugs, Cops, passed-out hobos, random loiterers, and the legendary Mount Conservation.


There are two things you can do at the Red Light District. You can explore its exterior or its interior.

Exploring the Exterior

For 3T, you can explore the outer walls of the Red Light District to find some stuff and chat with the loiterers. As with the Hoburbs and the Canbodian River, you need to be alive in order to explore it. It is not recommended to explore the Red Light District's outer walls while Zombified and dead, since you won't be able to win any of the fights you run into.

List of Events

The following is a list of events you can encounter while exploring the Red Light District's outer walls.

Looking Too Clean...

  • Reward: Nothing

Stealing from a Passed-Out Drunk

  • Reward: Money

Digging for Cans in the Trash

  • Reward: Cans

True Friendship Doesn't Come with a Price Tag, Mr. Pimp

  • Opponent: Random Pimp
    • Rewards: Levelable Gear Experience & ( Power / Speed / Strength )

I Spy a Rat

  • Reward: Rat Bandit / Gumshoe Rat
    • Rat Bandit (explore without Rat Poison)
    • Gumshoe Rat (explore with Rat Poison)

Exploring the Interior

The Interior area of the Red Light District is a mini explore area. In here, you can find cans and cash similar to Exploring the city. Moves cost 1T per move and there is no limit to the number of moves you can make. Additionally, you can come across random NPCs when exploring and battle them to gain small amounts of EXP, stats, and adventure equipment EXP (if you have an Levelable Weapon or Levelable Armor equipped.