Canbodian River

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The Canbodian River is the most prominent feature of Canbodia, since it runs straight through it and is chock-full of cans, booze, and fish.


The only thing you can do while sailing the Canbodian River is explore it.


For 5T, you can sail around the Canbodian River and explore it for various items and nice little bonuses. As with the Red Light District and the Hoburbs, you need to be alive in order to explore it. However, unlike those two areas, it is efficient to explore this area while Zombified and dead, since you won't run into any fights.

List of Events

The following is a list of events you can encounter while sailing the Canbodian River.

Son of a Treasure Chest!

  • Reward: Money

Bobbing for Cans in Canbodia

  • Reward: Cans

Cloudy with a Chance of Can Showers

  • Reward: Cans

Freakin' Can Torrent!

  • Reward: Cans

That's No Coconut!

Engines Float?

Fresh... Squeezed?

A Box of Olives!

What A Strange Bottle...

What a Bargain Package!

Oh Hey, a Six Pack!

Time to Kick Back, Relax, and Fish!

Fishing at the Little Cove

Aarrr... You Be in Me Cup!

The Sirens of Awesomeness