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Your Intelligence stat is arguably the most important of all when training your hobo. Whether you are a beggar, fighter, or hybrid, intelligence has an effect on nearly every aspect of improving your other stats. In addition to increased gains in training, you will also see higher gains in experience during fighting and begging and the ability to sell your cans at the can depot for a higher price.

If you have the Smarty Pants equipped, you cannot gain intel but instead you gain the Brainy status effect.
If you have the Thinking Cap equipped, you cannot gain intel but instead you gain Bernard's library days.

Training Intelligence

To begin your training, one of the schools located in the first city is recommended. You are able to use the Primary School until you reach level 10, High School from levels 10-20 and the University once you reach level 20.

Although there are many theories as to which school is faster, the general consensus is that the University is the best place to train your Intelligence, as it gives bonuses depending on the score you get from the puzzle.


There are many benefits to training your intelligence before training your other stats. Below is a chart that outlines the percentage increases based on your intel amount:

Area Benefit Stat plateau At 1,000 Intel At 2,500 Intel
Experience from Fights +10% Every 50 Intel +200% +400%
Begging Experience and Income +10% Every 50 Intel +200% +400%
Stat Gains from Training +0.015
(every 10 "T")
Every 100 Intel +0.150 +0.300
Can Depot Sale Value +5% Every 50 Intel +200% +300%
Arena and Parking Garage +10% Every 50 Intel +200% +400%

As you can see, while there are large benefits to increasing your intel above 1000, the percentage increases do slow down.

  • From 2 to 1500 intel, every 50 intel gained increases experience, begging amount, can value and arena experience by 10%. For every 100 intel, you increase your base stat gain at the university by 0.015.
  • Starting at increments over 1500, you will see an increase of 10% on experience, begging amount, can value and arena experience for every 100 intel gained. You will also see an increase in base stat gain at the university of 0.015 for every 200 intel.

Intel Caps

You can train your intelligence, but at certain levels, some sources of gaining more no longer work. There are three caps, known as the soft, hard, and final caps. Depending on the version you are playing, the values of these caps vary as described below:

Level HoboWars HoboWars2 Facebook HoboWars HoboArena
Soft Cap 1,000 intel 1,000 intel 100 intel No Cap
Hard Cap 2,500 intel 2,500 intel 150 intel No Cap
Final Cap 3,750 intel 3,750 intel 250 intel No Cap

Intel Beyond Soft Cap

There is much benefit to increasing your intel beyond the soft caps, and many ways to achieve that.

Begging/Fighting Rewards

Begging at the 7/11 can yield a bonus of +3 or +10 intelligence. Both of these events are very rare. Fighting at the Arena or the Parking Garage can also yield a +3 or +10 intelligence bonus, although much rarer than begging bonuses.

Capture The Flag

For a cost of 30T, you can essentially have one smart bread every day with little effort. Once unlocked, after mission 6 in Canbodia, you can find the capture the flag arena in the Canbodia Map, specifically on the beach.

A common strategy in CTF is placing the 1 at the front and just moving it back and forth until an opponent piece is next to it, allowing you to capture it easily. Continue doing this until almost all of your opponent's pieces are gone and none are moving. Once that is the case, the ones that are left are either a trapped piece, a bomb, or the flag itself.

Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Ice Cream

Creating the Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Ice Cream cones a smart idea. When you consume them, you realize just how smart it is and gain a bit of intelligence.


Gin & Juice can also increase your intel, although by a very small amount if you have a low drinking stat. For those who have a high drinking stat, it has the possibility of adding as much as 1 intel per drink. Gin & Juice can be be mixed using 2 ingredients: Orange Juice obtained from sailing the Canbodian River and Birdbath Gin from the Liquor Store.

Exploring the Hoburbs

Exploring the Hoburbs for 5T can give you a chance of encountering the D&D Kids. During this encounter you can increase your intel by 0.5. This is a rare occurrence made even more rare by the chance that they may increase one of your other stats instead and increase your intel by 0.5. The D&D Kids use different terms, and it will say you have gained one of the following:

  • +5 Constitution (+5 Max Life)
  • +1 Dexterity (+1 Speed)
  • +1 Endurance (+1 Power)
  • +1 Strength (+1 Strength)
  • +0.1 Charisma (+0.1 Begging)
  • +0.5 Wisdom (+0.5 Intelligence)

Exploring the Jungle

The Canbodian Jungle is located in the Canbodia Map. Exploring the Jungle costs 1T for each step and it will take a total of 55T to reach all clearings where you can possibly find a Smart Bread. Also, you can gain intel from the purple berries.

Oompa Loompa Wish

You can use one of your Wishes to receive a one time +10 intelligence gain. This is commonly used once a hobo reaches 2500 intel, as it is one of the very few ways to increase it past that point.


Rock, Paper, Scissor, Lizard, Spock is by far the most exciting way to raise your intel. In addition to being the most entertaining, you can occasionally get your first Smart Bread with just a few T. RPSLS can be played at the City Hall in Second City after you have completed day 10 of the first set of adventures. The most common method of playing RPSLS is as follows:

  • if Tongue, play Rock
  • if Ground, play Paper
  • if Thumb, play Scissors
  • if Ears, play Lizard
  • if Eyes, play Spock


There are currently two dumpsters you can rummage in to find foods that increase your intelligence:

  • 7/11 Dumpster - Higher occurrence of smart bread, although nothing else that is worth more than rat food.
  • Improved Dumpster - Lower occurrence of smart bread, but you can also find Garlic Salmon Bisque, which will increase your intel by +1. Also a higher chance of finding soups and Sweet Bomb.


Once you obtain a bar of soap from the soup kitchen, de-invent a fizzy falling/lifting soda, or by purchasing one from the Tin Can Alley flea market, you can begin sailing the Canbodian River in attempt to attract the sirens. If you attract the sirens, you will receive a bonus of +1 to your intel as well as your speed, strength and power. One bar of soap is used up for each occurrence.

Soup Kitchen

At the Soup Kitchen, you are faced with fighting or begging Crazy Eddie or Freddie in order to obtain a bar of soap, which can be used for sailing.

  • After successfully beating or begging him, you can try your luck at getting the specialty of the day, which has the chance of being a Smart Bread or Garlic Salmon Bisque.
  • If your age ends in a 3 or 8, ask for the soup of the day to be guaranteed a Garlic Salmon Bisque.

The Traveling Carnival

At the Traveling Carnival you can gain intel from both the Matching Game and the Haunted House. At the Match game, you can gain 0.1 intel from each pair. The Haunted House, you gain various amounts:

Intel < 1000 ⇒ +10 Intelligence
Intel ≥ 1000 ⇒ +2 Intelligence
CAN break the 2500 intel cap.
Facebook HoboWars
Intel < 100 ⇒ +5 Intelligence
Intel ≥ 100 ⇒ +1 Intelligence
CAN break the 150 intel cap.

Intel Beyond Hard and Final Caps

Although you can obtain an intelligence stat above the both the hard & final caps, it is very difficult and time consuming to do. In addition to the extra effort, there are larger diminishing returns, causing many to say it is not worth trying for other than bragging rights.

  • The only ways to increase your intel beyond the hard cap are as follows:

  • The only ways to increase your intel beyond the final cap are as follows: