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The Soup Kitchen offers the average hobo one warm meal daily, that is, if someone can stop the crazy chef from poisoning the soup with soap. Everyday, you will have the task of stopping Crazy Eddie (or his brother, Crazy Freddie) by fighting him (5T) or persuading him (3T). If successful, you will be rewarded with a Bar of Soap and the choice of a meal from three possible selections:

Daily Roast Beef

A daily option that isn't necessarily made fresh daily, Roast Beef is a versatile choice. You can consume it for 11T, convert it into Roast Beef Flavored Gum, or use it as a substitution for the special roast beef that a hobo general might have gave you.

Daily Special

This choice gives a completely random food item. It has a selection of nearly all foods present in the game; known exceptions being for Double-Doubles, undiscovered food items, and unreleased food items.

That being said, Quantum Candy used to be exclusive to the Soup Kitchen's Daily Special.

Daily Soup

It wouldn't be a proper soup kitchen if it didn't serve soup! There are five soups offered here, each one giving a small bonus to your stats. These soups are rotated daily based on your hobo age.

Image Name Gains When
Beef-Mushroom-Stew.gif Beef Mushroom Stew +12T
+1 Strength
Age ends in: 0 or 5
Texas-Fajita-Soup.gif Texas Fajita Soup +12T
+1 Speed
Age ends in: 1 or 6
Cream-of-Okra-Soup.gif Cream of Okra Soup +12T
+1 Power
Age ends in: 2 or 7
Garlic-Salmon-Bisque.gif Garlic Salmon Bisque +12T
+1 Intelligence
Age ends in: 3 or 8
Beggar%27s-Bouillon.gif Beggar's Bouillon +12T
+0.5 Begging
Age ends in: 4 or 9