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You step inside the Haunted House and immediately soil yourself. Well, at least you got that out of the way.

Holy crap (pun intended)! The Haunted House at the Traveling Carnival is set to scare you until you are so scared, you are too afraid to move! Make it far enough into the Haunted House to face off with the boss creatures and claim your rewards, while gathering tidbits of stats, exp, money, and other assorted goodies along the way.

HoboArena requires players to reach level 70 before entering the Haunted House. This is one of the Arena Specific Lite Adventures

Haunted House Sections

The Haunted House has 10 levels to traverse through. Some levels have unique obstacles to overcome, some levels change with each appearance, and some levels have mini-games that can be played. The final level holds all 4 final bosses and all 5 final rewards.

Haunted Entryway (Section 0)

Prepare to soil yourself. This place is spooky. Move around to find various chests and secret passageways that can arm yourself so you at least stand a chance of making it to the end.... Mwhahahahhahahahahha!!!!

Haunted Entryway 2 (Section 1)

3 long pathways out of the opening entryway that lead deeper into the Haunted House. Warning! Once you move beyond this room, you can no longer turn back!

Each exit out of 3 hallways leads to the same location in the next level, so it does not matter which pathway you take.

Haunted Halls (Section 2)

The first room that changes appearance with each appearance of the Traveling Carnival. You must traverse through the dark to find the single exit door. Beware the many dead end paths inside.

Haunted Ballroom (Section 3)

A wide open room! You can either dance around the room finding wealthy-looking apparitions to beg off of (if your hobo has no life, you receive 50% less money), or try and find the right exit door.

Haunted Halls 2 (Section 4)

A mirror of the Ballroom that changes pathway layouts with each appearance. Some pathways are dead ends and only lead back to the Ballroom. Also, the door back to the ballroom does not necessarily take you to the spot you came from.

Haunted Arena (Section 5)

This level allows you to fight other hobos that are in the Haunted House. You are only allowed to fight hobos that are on this level. You need to fight (and defeat) 5 hobos to unlock the hidden passageway to the next level. If there is insufficient hobos on this level, NPC fights can also unlock the passageway.

Haunted Laboratory (Section 6)

Contains the Lab Experiment mini-game. This mini-game allows you to alter various Haunted House stats including speed, power, strength, life, and fear based on the different vials you add. The number of vials you add affects how drastic a change you make.

The different variations of changes will NOT be included in the wiki or any public message board. You may be able to find them on your gang board if your gang has a Haunted House guide.

Haunted Halls 3 (Section 7)

Another changeable layout. Don't get lost now.

Haunted Arena 2 (Section 8)

Round two. Fight!

Haunted Dungeons (Section 9)

Home of the final bosses and the prizes they guard inside their respect locked cells. Only after opening all 4 cells is the 5th prize available.

Boss Rewards

The boss reward types are the same for all the versions, however the values of the intel and beg rewards vary slightly.

Cell 1: Battle Stats! Open the chest to receive 0.5% of your current Haunted House Battle Stats (speed, power, and strength).

Note: You can open this cell at any time, the amount of stats you gain is only calculated and gained when you open the chest!

Cell 2: Intelligence! Open the chest to receive intel points! The amount you receive is dependent on your current intelligence level:

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Intel < 1000 ⇒ +10 Intelligence Intel < 100 ⇒ +5 Intelligence
Intel ≥ 1000 ⇒ +2 Intelligence Intel ≥ 100 ⇒ +1 Intelligence
CAN break the 2500 intel cap. CAN break the 150 intel cap.

Cell 3: Max Life! Open the chest to receive a variable amount towards your hobo's maximum life capacity. The amount you gain is based on your hobo's level and your Haunted House life total.

Note: You can open this cell at any time, the amount of points you gain is only calculated and gained when you open the chest!

Note: The exact formula for calculating the amount you receive is undisclosed.

Cell 4: Begging! Open the chest to receive points towards your beg stat value.

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Begging < 1000 ⇒ +1 Begging Begging < 500 ⇒ +1 Begging
Begging ≥ 1000 ⇒ +0.2 Begging Begging ≥ 500 ⇒ +0.2 Begging
CAN break the 1200 beg cap. CAN break the 500 beg cap.

Final Reward Upon fighting and defeating the 4th and final Eye-Gore boss, you receive the Gemini Ring automatically.

Haunted House NPCs and Characters

There are a number of different beings inside the Haunted House. Most of these creatures mean you harm, but occasionally, you might come across someone that's nice.

The following is a chart of the NPCs that you can encounter in the Haunted House. The attackable NPCs' battle stats are dependent on the Section area of the house you are in. The event NPCs won't attack you, instead producing unique events that affect your hobo. Some NPCs are only found in the later sections of the house.

Haunted House NPCs
Image Name Notes
Attackable NPCs
creepy-carnie.gif Creepy Carnie Section 1 and beyond.
Doesn't use Status Effects.
the-inadequately-invisible-man.gif The Inadequately Invisible Man Section 2 and beyond.
Uses a special version of the Semi-Transparency Effect that isn't labeled and can't be mopped.
childhood-obesity.gif Childhood Obesity Section 3 and beyond.
Doesn't use Status Effects.
conjoined-ballroom-dancers.gif Conjoined Ballroom Dancers Section 4 and beyond.
Randomly uses either:
Double Gorilla Strength,
Double Falcon Speed, or
Double Raptor Power Effect.
reagans-skeleton.gif Reagan's Skeleton Section 5 and beyond.
Uses the Patriotic Effect.
beardless-wolf-man.gif Beardless Wolf-Man Section 6 and beyond.
Uses the Emasculated Effect.
Lab-rat.png Lab Rat Section 7 and beyond.
Uses random Status Effects.
eye-gore.gif Eye-Gore
Section 9 only.
Uses Death Perception.
Defeating an Eye-Gore will increase the stats of the remaining Eye-Gores.
Image Name Features
Event NPCs
demonic-winona-ryder.gif Demonic Winona Ryder Found in all sections.
She will steal your equipped HH Armor. The No-Fear shirt cannot be stolen.
vampire-tsa-agent.gif Vampire TSA Agent Found in all sections.
He will steal your equipped HH Weapon. The Big Gloves cannot be stolen.
zombie-robin-hood.gif Zombie Robin Hood Found in all sections.
He does one of the following:
Increase your fear by 1.
Steal cash off your hand.
Reduce your fear by 1.
NoSymbol.gif Wealthy-looking Apparition Only found in the ballroom.
A worthy prospect to beg money from. The amount of money you gain is based on all of the normal begging components.

Weapons & Armors

The Haunted House has its own unique weapons and armor that can only be used inside the house. They work exactly like normal equipment does in hobo fights; Increasing the damage you deal or receive. You cannot use them outside of the House, and you cannot use outside equipment inside the House.

House Equipment
Image Name Attack Special Ability
HH Weapons
Bloody-Knife.gif Bloody Knife +25 attack +9 Speed gains
Balloon-Sword.gif Balloon Sword +75 attack +9 Power gains
Bike-Horn.gif Bike Horn +100 attack +9 Strength gains
Bang-Gun.gif Bang Gun +150 attack +8 Speed gains
Cork-Gun.gif Cork Gun +200 attack +8 Power gains
Flame-Thrower-Flower.gif Flame Thrower Flower +250 attack +8 Strength gains
Sword-Cane.gif Sword Cane +300 attack +7 Speed gains
Machete.gif Machete +400 attack +7 Power gains
Boxing-Glove-Gun.gif Boxing Glove Gun +500 attack +7 Strength gains
Assault-Rifle.gif Assault Rifle +600 attack +5 Speed gains
Meat-Cleaver.gif Meat Cleaver +700 attack +5 Power gains
Gas-Gun.gif Gas Gun +850 attack +5 Strength gains
Kids-First-Chainsaw.gif Kids First Chainsaw +1000 attack
Big-Gloves.gif Big Gloves +100 attack Cannot be stolen
Image Name Defense Special Ability
HH Armor
Bloody-Prisoner-Uniform.gif Bloody Prisoner Uniform +25 defense +9 Strength gains
Balloon-Hat.gif Balloon Hat +75 defense +9 Speed gains
Balloon-Jacket.gif Balloon Jacket +100 defense +9 Power gains
Baggy-Pants.gif Baggy Pants +150 defense +8 Power gains
Giant-Afro.gif Giant Afro +200 defense +8 Strength gains
Pink-Top-Hat.gif Pink Top Hat +250 defense +8 Speed gains
Kevlar-Knickers.gif Kevlar Knickers +300 defense +7 Speed gains
Reinforced-Jumpsuit.gif Reinforced Jumpsuit +400 defense +7 Power gains
Huge-Cowboy-Hat.gif Huge Cowboy Hat +500 defense +7 Strength gains
Spiked-Cone-Hat.gif Spiked Cone Hat +600 defense +5 Strength gains
Giant-Shoes.gif Giant Shoes +700 defense +5 Speed gains
Fat-Jumpsuit.gif Fat Jumpsuit +850 defense +5 Power gains
Armored-Clown-Mask.gif Armored Clown Mask +1000 defense
No-Fear-Shirt.gif No Fear shirt +100 defense Prevents fear increase.
Disappears after so many uses.


Traps are the main source of reducing your hobo's fear as you traverse the Haunted House. You can pick up traps inside coffins beginning at Section 3. Once you lay down a trap, anyone (including yourself) can set off the trap. Once someone else sets off your trap, your fear is reduced (and sometimes you gain stats). If you set off your own trap, you gain fear and feel incredibly stupid as traps you lay down turn that square to red on your mini-map.

Once you set off a trap, you become immune to more traps for 10 moves. If you are immune and move onto a square that has a trap in place, you simple move as if the trap is not there. You can set off that trap if you move back onto the square once your immunity is gone.

If you are wearing a No Fear shirt and set off a trap, you gain no fear, but the person that set the trap will lose the fear as if you did not wear the shirt.

House Traps
Image Name Fear Value Special Ability
Peeled-Grapes.gif Peeled Grapes -1 Fear
Cold-Noodles.gif Cold Noodles -2 Fear
Carved-Pumpkin.gif Carved Pumpkin -3 Fear +20 Haunted House Strength
Fake-Blood.gif Fake Blood -3 Fear +20 Haunted House Power
Bat-on-a-String.gif Bat on a String -3 Fear +20 Haunted House Speed
Mechanical-Talking-Skull.gif Mechanical Talking Skull -4 Fear
Severed-Head.gif Severed Head -5 Fear
  • Note: Fear value is for person who set the trap. The positive value is what the person who sets the trap off receives.

Coffin Foods & Money

Inside the Haunted House, you can occasionally find Food items inside chests when you open them.

Food items you can find are:

You can also gain money when opening chests. The amount appears to be based similar to how begging amounts are calculated. These chests appear to only be available in the first two sections of the Haunted House.