Bus Station

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A location in the Second City that doesn't have a lot of day to day features. You will find a Flea Market which sells items that you can use during the Adventures. However, to the Hobo that runs the Flea Market, cans are the only acceptable form of currency, so make sure you have some saved up before you come here.

The only other times you would visit the Bus Station would be:

Location to fight the Trolly Boy again.
Location used during the April Fool's Mini Adventure

Flea Market

Image Name Cost ($) Use
Soda-Water.gif Soda Water 2 Cans Used to make a variety of food items and alcoholic beverages.
Dry-Ice.gif Dry Ice* 5 Cans Used to make the Erupting Volcano mixed drink.
Tabasco.gif Tabasco 10 Cans Used to make the Bloody Murray mixed drink.
Bachelor-Chow.gif Bachelor Chow 15 Cans Food item.
Restores 13T.
Gasoline.gif Gasoline 25 Cans Used to make Gas Soaked Red Hots.
Rope.gif Rope 300 Cans Used during Second City Adventures. Can be turned into a Lasso, a Bow, or a Jump Rope
Atlas.gif Atlas 1,000 Cans Stores maps found in explorable areas.
Bowling-Shoes.gif Bowling Shoes 2,500 Cans Allows you to bowl at the Bowling Alley.

* Only available on HoboWars & HoboWars2.