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Hoburbia is the third major location in the game. The route to Hoburbia is unlocked through the Bowling Alley bathroom in Second City as starting point in the Hoburbia Adventures.



There are 12 unique locations in Hoburbia.


The Beeramid is a mysterious structure with a mysterious purpose. It also contains a series of mysterious riddles for a mysterious prize.

Candy Store

Deals primarily, and solely, in Wonka candy.

Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory

What dark evil goes on behind the doors of the chocolate factory is unknown.

Court House

Generally, not in session.

Nursing Home

Home to Grandpa Joe, this is your base of operations for the start of the Hoburbia Adventures.

Pawn Shop

Buys old adventure items and sells some interesting new items.

Pickety Pete's Protest Palace

Sells picket signs. Currently a very busy place, due to striking Oompa Loompas.

Soup Kitchen

Offers a hot meal to a weary hobo, but only once a day.

Tin Can Alley

Home to the Hoburbia flea market and a starving artist, an interesting place indeed.

Wellness Clinic

For a small cost (then an increasing large cost thereafter), one can enjoy wellness and eat another meal.

The Hoburbs

For 5T one can explore the surrounding area; offers random items & bonuses.

Slugworth's Evil Fortress

Becomes accessible later on in the Hoburbia Adventures; the base of the evil Arthur Slugworth.