Slugworth's Evil Fortress

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The dark counterpart of the Chocolate Factory, base of operations for Arthur Slugworth. Slugworth's Evil Fortress is unlocked on Day 13 of the Hoburbia Adventures.

The Evil Fortress can be entered only after talking to the Newspaper Man while exploring the city. Once you gain access to the illustrious factory, various parts of it will become unlocked as you progress through the Hoburbia adventures.

Executive Dungeon

Wonka gets locked-up and tortured in here. The Dungeon Security Clearance Badge is required to gain access.

Evil Factory Entrance

Home to the Arthur Slugworth's Claw-o-Matic, this place is a source to prank other unsuspecting hobos. In order to operate the Claw-o-Matic, you must have a pair of Green Gloves equipped in your backpack. Its cost is 1T per use. The Claw-o-Matic is used to grab hobos that have recently explored the city based on the coordinates you use. When you successfully grab a hobo, you will steal up to $10,000 cash they have on hand & give them an adverse status effect; Emasculated, Lubed Up, or Tranquilized.

Offices of the Board Of Evil Directors

This is where you defeat the Loompa-Eating Moose on Day 14.

Dark Chocolate Room

Contains a river of chocolate, as well as random edibles which can give you various status effects; Burning Belly, Calcium Rich, or Lightningy. You can also find Candy Cigarettes here.

Deinventing Room

This is home to the Ripaparter, a machine that splits your edibles apart.

The device allows you to de-invent certain food items and backpack items, creating 2 new food items or, more often than not, a useless cube of garbage.

The following is a list of food items that can be de-invented here:

Apple Flavored Gum Beef Mushroom Stew Bottle of Coke
Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Ice Cream Cinnamon Flavored Gum Cream of Okra Soup
Crystal Pepsi Double-Double Faberge Cream Egg
Fizzy Falling Soda Fizzy Lifting Soda Freeze-Packed Dippin Dots
Garlic Salmon Bisque Gas Soaked Red Hots Junior Mints
Mountain Dew Pizza Del Mare Red Hot Chili Pepper
Roast Beef Flavored Gum Special Brownie Texas Fajita Soup
† Can only be de-invented once as part of the Hoburbia Adventures.

Fizzy Falling Soda Pit

The only place to buy Bar of Lead. For 5T you can leap into the pit, but you must have the Lead Heavy status effect to descend into it. If you safely reach the bottom and have the Flashlight, you can find cash or random pawnable items like the Golden Goose Egg.

Scheming Room

Evil things happen here.

Evil Executive Suite

The room where you defeat Slugworth. A plaque shows the quickest Slugworth Slayers and the longest conflicts.