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The Candy Store is one of several new areas in Hoburbia. Initially, it sells only Wonka Bars, however, as you progress though the Hoburbia Adventures it will sell additional foods. The majority of food items sold here give a Status Effect upon consumption.

In honor of Willy Wonka, if you enter the store while having the Wonka Spirit effect, you will hear a song play in the background.

Store Inventory
Image Name Gains Status Effect Additional Information
Wonka-Bar.gif Wonka Bar +3 Awake
Yields a Wonka Bar Wrapper upon consumption.
Dark-Chocolate-Wonka-Bar.gif Dark Chocolate Wonka Bar +3 Awake
Yields a Wonka Bar Wrapper upon consumption. Only available on day 16 of the Hoburbia Adventures.
Wonka-stripe-Candy-Cane.gif Wonka-stripe Candy Cane +6 Awake Jittery
Rainbow-Drop.gif Rainbow Drop +7 Awake Red Tongue, Green Tongue, Blue Tongue, or Indigo Tongue
Semi-Lasting-Gobstopper.gif Semi-Lasting Gobstopper +7 Awake Semi-Lasting Energization
Blueberry-Blast-Jelly-Beans.gif Blueberry Blast Jelly Beans +5 Awake Blueberry Breath
Wonka%27s-Peppermint-Spirits.gif Wonka's Peppermint Spirits +8 Awake Wonka Spirit
Red-Hots.gif Red Hots +10 Awake Red Tongue
Gummi-Gorilla.gif Gummi Gorilla +7 Awake Gorilla Strength
Gummi-Peregrine-Falcon.gif Gummi Peregrine Falcon +7 Awake Falcon Speed
Gummi-Raptor.gif Gummi Raptor +7 Awake Raptor Power
Gummi-Spaghetti-Monster.gif Gummi Spaghetti Monster +5 Awake Noodly Awesomeness
Freeze-Packed-Dippin-Dots.gif Freeze-Packed Dippin Dots +11 Awake Sticky Cold Hands Cannot be consumed.
Must be deinvinted into Dippin Dots before consumption.
Fruit-by-the-Furlong.gif Fruit by the Furlong +55 Awake
Uses 5 meals upon consumption.
Bacon-Blast-Jelly-Beans.gif Bacon Blast Jelly Beans +5 Awake Bacon Breath
Caulipop.gif Caulipop +10 Awake Caulimorphous
Dalipop.gif Dalipop +10 Awake Dalimorphous
Volleypop.gif Volleypop +10 Awake Volleymorphous
Polypop.gif Polypop +10 Awake Polymorphous