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HoboArena Newbie Guide


Welcome to HoboArena, where players of all three main versions come together to battle it out and see who is the best at bringing a hobo up from nothing to top selected categories. Just as the main versions differ from each other, HoboArena has some unique aspects of its own. This guide gives an overview of what to expect in your first round. Please see HoboArena History for details on changes, prizes, and winners for previous rounds.

First, there are no gangs and no SGHM, so your only resources as you begin are Points and Donator Packs you import from your main version. Many things are cheaper here, including point refills, so don't worry if you're not the richest of the rich. Some players have done very well in past rounds with only modest investments, and even investing nothing but your time will often get you Rocket Juice and Raffle Tickets and maybe the HoboArena Tattoo for your main version.

For those who want to invest in a chance at major prizes, there is a limit to what you can usefully spend here. Point refills cost 2 points each, with a limit of two per reset. An extra 100 explore turns max may be purchased daily for 4 points. That puts the cap at 12 points per day. You may also spend points at the Toy Store to get base Rings, just like in the main versions. You can transfer points and DPs back and forth between HoboArena and your main version. Between rounds, all Hobalt rings revert to their base rings, but the base rings stay. Points and DPs sent to HoboArena that are not used also remain after round's end, and no donator days are used up between rounds.

Other differences between HoboArena and main versions include ***Finish This Later***

Rule changes through Round 6 are listed here, grouped by topic.


  • During shorter rounds, you can PAY cash moneys to autocomplete the adventure sets at the Short Bus from the moment the round starts.
  • The City Pawn Magnet now unlocks with the Canbodia Adventures
  • Costs to autocomplete adventures have been adjusted.
  • You can now pay to unlock the next adventure day early if you have completed the current day.
  • You can no longer get the king's cup if you autcomplete the 3rd adventure set. The KKC+ is now accessible if you do have the king's cup.
  • Cost to autocomplete an adventure set increased from $100k to $200k.
  • The Address Book is now acquired as part of the first adventure automatically at the same time you get the phone.


  • NPC Arena characters difficulty reduced slightly (so you can get to the higher ones).
  • Arena opponents start to get stronger after you beat them enough times.
  • Jimmy Newman Neanderthal now gives ore instead of rocks as a special prize

Banked Cash

  • Additional ways to get banked cash have been added.
  • Money from pawning.
  • Scratch off tickets.
  • Money stolen by the Rat Bandit.
  • Your Piggy Bank now comes with a tiny investment broker. He'll let you put some of your on-hand cash in the bank each day, for a price.


  • Begging exp gains have been reduced by about 25%
  • You can now over-beg an area to the point where fewer people drop cash. If you wait a while it will return to normal.
  • If you beg somewhere no one else is begging, you'll get better returns.
  • Beg levels unlock earlier and cost less. Beg level 5 now unlocks a special new reward.
  • A new feature, Beg-offs, have been introduced. Click on the "Beg-offs" stat in your living area to learn more.
  • The Begging Master has been removed from the High School.
  • Overcrowding while begging will now affect exp and begging stat gains as well as cash. On the flip side, you should see fewer terrible begging spots if you move around.
  • Begging stat required to buy upgrades has been increased from 20% of original values to 50% of original values.


  • Boxing payouts have been cut in half.
  • Cash no longer goes straight to bank
  • Boxing stat gains at trainer reduced by 1/3
  • No more wait time while janitors clean up
  • Boxing npcs get stronger every time you collect cash. They are reset to base power once a day.
  • Unlocks at level 50


  • Candy effects from dumpster are less powerful:
  • Overpowered candies limited.
  • Intel restrictions on some finds.

City Explore / Sidewars

  • If you're participating in sidewars, attack, and win, you take 2 WP instead of 1.
  • Removed equalization from city explore fights.
  • Removed the special city explore event that could result in unusually large exp gains.
  • You no longer gain WP from any flag captures beyond three in a day. The other side still loses WP.


  • BAC now ticks down at half the normal speed
  • A new food item, the Vitamax Booze Tablets, are available at City Pawn. It should be useful if you're going for the drinking category.


  • Adventure Gear Max Level = 10.
  • Standard Gear prices decreased (20% of normal cost).
  • Mining gear has been reduced in price. Also, mining stat gains have been increased.


  • Experience Gains have been adjusted.
  • EXP gains at the HH are reduced when not alive.
  • EXP gains from non-NPC fighting increased.
  • EXP gains from begging decreased.
  • Exp gains in the haunted house have been knocked back some and the level requirement to enter lowered


  • Weaponized-Bindle.gif | Weaponized Bindle | Highest Level | +2000 Attack | +5% Power | Bonus Effect*
  • Prison-Hooch.png | Prison Hooch | Biggest Drunkards | Meleeria | +0.1 stat | +0.05 BAC | +0.15 Spd, Str & Pwr
  • Filthy-Socks.gif | Filthy Socks | Most Intelligent | +2000 Defense | +5% Spd & Str | Bonus Effect*
  • Chewing-Gum-Ring.png | Chewing Gum Ring | Biggest Can Collection | Steals an opponent's ring and gains its benefits for duration of battle.
  • Bling-Necklace.gif | Bling Necklace | Most Banked Cash | +2000 Defense | +5% Beg Cash | Bonus Effect*
  • Viking-Helmet.gif | Viking Helmet | Most Collective War Points | +2000 Defense | +3% Spd, Pwr, Str | Bonus Effect*
  • Jesters-Cap.gif | Jester's Cap | Mystery Category | +100 Defense | Bonus Effects*
  • Beggars-Bludgeon.gif | Beggar's Bludgeon | Highest Begging Stat | +Attack at x3 your Begging Stat | Bonus Effect*
  • Ratarang.gif | Ratarang | Combined Rat Level | +2000 Attack | Bonus Effect*
  • Gold-Pickaxe.gif | Gold Pickaxe | Highest Mining Stat | +Attack at your Mining Stat | Bonus Effect*
  • Toothpuff-Ring.gif | Toothpuff Ring | Most Pawn Points | Bonus Effect*

* Bonus Effects are explained on the item's page.


  • Overall rat damage output should be lower now and vary within a smaller range. Rat Defense has been made more effective.
  • Critical Hits have had their effectiveness dropped by 1/2, so cave rat now boosts damage by 50% instead of 100%, octo rat now boosts damage by 350% instead of 700%, etc.
  • Ballerina Rat now does a special more powerful attack if they try to charm an already charmed enemy.
  • Raver Rat and Rollerderby Rat now buff your stats some. Lab rat buffs or debuffs by 4% instead of 3% now.
  • Rats no longer gain meals from fights
  • You can purchase as many cages as you want now, though the price increases with each one. Also, the Rat Wheel is gone. Instead you can now purchase rats. You unlock a new rat type every 5 levels. You can only purchase a rat you don't already have.
  • Clarifications: Combined Rat Level does NOT include dead rats or rat sublevels. The rat cron WILL run on the final reset.


  • The formulas for clue accuracy and goatses have been adjusted to make it more difficult to make crazy bank playing rpsls.
  • RPSLS is now limited to 50 plays per day at $25 increments. Also, your score at the end of each day sets a new floor you cannot go below on the following days.


  • University gains have been increased.
  • Training gains have been increased at all 3 schools
  • Gains from intel have also been increased (so a double win there).


  • All players start with 100T when the round begins!
  • All players start with 7 donator days when the round begins!
  • All point rewards have been removed. Some have been replaced with raffle tickets for prizes.
  • Players now vote between rounds on some rules before each round starts.
  • Bowling is limited to 10 games per day.
  • Cave of Trials - Some people have asked whether the Cave of Trials would be here during 30 day rounds. It WILL, though no one is expected to be able to complete it in a single month. If you can, kudos. Otherwise you can still earn a few raffle tickets there.
  • The PP cost of gum purchases at City Pawn now increases with each buy. This is to prevent abuse with the Gumball category.
  • Toy Store - Chewin' Chuck, who you will report to to trade in your pre-chewed gum, is hanging out in front of the toy store.
  • The cash wish at Loompaland doesn't pay out as much anymore
  • The 711 runs out of scratchoffs for the day after you buy 100
  • The hacksaw and magnet have had their costs reduced at City Pawn.
  • The Atlas now only costs 100 cans.
  • A clarification about the Grand Arena Champion's prizes: The top 10 will all get a prize, but the prizes are better if you place higher.