Food Stamps

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Food Stamps

Food Stamps are a non-transferable currency that are used to purchase special items. They are not commonly found nor easily gained.

Food stamps Usage

Food Stamps are only accepted at the In-N-Out. There you will be able to purchase various special items including rare foods, skills, equipment, and more. A mysterious and temporal Traveling Carnival known to visit HoboArena has a Carnival Candy Stand that accepts Food Stamps in exchange for select Halloween Candies.

How to Gain Food Stamps

  • Ultimate Fisty Cuffs
    • Five lucky fighters and five lucky ticket holders (randomly chosen from entire fighter/ticket entries) will receive 10 Food Stamps.
  • Side Wars
  • City Hall & CSP Office (Hobowars2, Facebook Hobowars and HoboArena only)
    • For doing Community Service, a food stamp is a possible reward.
  • Refer a Friend
    • 20 Food Stamps if your friend is an active player for 30 days.
    • 30 Food Stamps when your friend applies their first Donator Pack.
    • 10 Food Stamps when your friend hits levels 100, 200, 300, etc.
  • HoboArena
    • Top 10 players in each featured category get 20 food stamps.
    • Top 5 players in each of the remaining categories get 5-25 food stamps.
  • X-Mas Gifts
    • Opening any X-Mas gift has a possibility of having a food stamp included as a prize.
  • Spooky Gift & Zombie Survival Package
    • Opening these gives you 15 food stamps.
  • Traveling Carnival
    • Playing the Matching Game sometimes yields food stamps as a prize.