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Halloween is the time of year where you have a chance of obtaining Trick-or-Treat Baskets any time you use Awake. It also provides a greater opportunity to gain access to the Dark Pits. The Dark Pits are a Halloween event where you can complete a Haunted House styled maze for unique rewards and drinks. As the event nears its end, you will enter into a group based raid event against Hobowars' first coder, Malord, and his undead followers.

The top 10 Infection Spreaders and Damage Dealers to Malord will receive a Spooky Gift once Malord is defeated.

During the event, you can enter the Dark Pits while either infected by Hobola or while under the Zombified status effect. After everything has wrapped up and things have returned to normal in the city, you will only be able to enter the Dark Pits while infected with Hobola. This can be done year round, giving those who weren't able to play during the event a chance to collect the rare items at the Pit's end.


The Dark Pits was released in 2013 along with Bath Salts, the Malord Raid battle and the Cricket Bat.


Hobola: An event related effect which reduces your intelligence to 1 and removes the level hit limit temporarily. With every fight you win you have a chance of infecting another player with Hobola, the more infections you spread the less likely you are to infect other players.

Hobola is naturally cured after 24 hours of infection and you can not catch the same strain twice.