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The Pet Shop is a store in the City where you go to buy a Rat Cage.


When purchasing a new rat cage, it simply replaces your previous rat cage. Any rats you have will transfer over to the new cage. Cages have to be purchased in sequence. The Three-Slot Cage is only available for purchase while a player has Donator Status. If you lose donator status, the option to buy it will be gone. Once purchased, the Three-Slot Cage is yours even if you're no longer a donator.

Name Cost
One-Slot Cage $50,000
Two-Slot Cage $250,000
Three-Slot Cage* $500,000

* Only donators can purchase this rat cage.

Rat Roulette Wheel

The Rat Roulette Wheel is used for a random chance at obtaining one of the following rats. It can be used 3 times per day.

Image Name Life Speed Attack Defense Notes
-9999  !a -9999 -9999 -9999 -9999 -9999 -9999 -9999  !a  !a
cave-120.jpg Cave Rat 90 10 13 12
  • Critical hit increases rat damage by 50%.
  • Has a chance to prevent a "cave in" while mining.
glow-120.jpg Raver Rat 100 14 9 9
  • Buffs your power and strength by 1.5%.
twoheaded-120.jpg Two-Headed Rat 60 10 11 10
  • Gets an extra meal every 6 hours.
  • Max meal hunger is 20 instead of 10.