Bartender Guide

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Bartender Guide
Category Backpack Item
Subcategory Usable
Version Availability All
(Some minor differences between versions.)

The Bartender Guide is used to store known mixed drink combinations. Although the combinations are known to the general public, this guide allows you to automatically mix drinks, provided you have the necessary ingredients. Entries are only written in Bartender's Guide after you create them in the Mixer.

The Bartender Guide gives you a discount on prices at the Liquor Store and Dive Bar.

The Bartender Guide also allows you to buy a few of the mixed drinks you've already created at the Dive Bar.

List of Locations and Costs

Location Cost
HoboWars HoboWars2 Facebook HoboWars HoboArena
Pawn Shop $5,000,000
+ 20,000 Pawn Points
+ 20,000 Pawn Points
+ 2,000 Pawn Points
+ 1,000 Pawn Points