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Welcome to the HoboWars Help Wiki's community portal! This is the place where pages and projects get assigned to various wiki editors, to-do lists get posted and updated, projects and plans get announced, and wiki editor-related information go.

If you're looking to discuss something on the Help Wiki or ask a question, please go to the talk page!


03/15/2012: Note about Uploaded Images

Cube just fixed an issue that was preventing some users from uploading images to the Help Wiki. Unfortunately, this fix sort of caused all images that were uploaded beforehand to not work properly anymore. I am in the process of reuploading all necessary images. Please help me out by replacing any links to old, nonfunctional images with links to their reuploaded counterparts.

- Doctor Know 07:33, 16 March 2012 (EST)

08/08/2011: The Community Portal is up!

The community portal page has been created! Fellow wiki editors! Please take a look at your assignments. If you have any questions, please ask them on the community portal's talk page. Also, please get into the habit of contacting your fellow wiki editors through the Help Wiki instead of through in-game HoboMail; since we're all spread out between the different HoboWars versions, it's much easier to contact each other here.

- Doctor Know 10:33, 8 August 2011 (EST)

List of Users



Active Users

Facebook HoboWars

Semi-Active Users

Facebook HoboWars

Inactive Users

  • (Anyone without a userpage.)

Current Assignments

  • Sholto Pin
    • Drinking (Add strategies, check grammar, tidy up the article in general, add missing information, etc.)
    • Drinks (Keep in mind that not everyone uses high resolutions. Make sure that your tables aren't squished when viewed through a 1028x768 resolution. Condense information if necessary, and make sure that your table headers' colors are correct according to the Help Guide.)

  • Spck
    • Rats (Work on the page in general.)
    • Game History (Go through and make sure all HW1 update and community history is correct, add missing events, etc.)
    • Assist Hallwalker.

  • Lil Goth Kid
    • Gangs (Double-check information, add new information, tips, guides, etc.)
    • Bummys (Create the page, add basic Bummys information, Dr. Shipman, 2009 Bummys bust, new-and-improved 2010 Bummys, list of past winners, etc.)
    • Assist Hallwalker.

  • Hallwalker
    • Second City location pages. (Fill them with as much information as possible, such as information on what can be found/obtained there, what Adventure events happen there, etc.)
      • Boxing Stadium (Include strategy on Balrog fight and any Adventure-related events that happen there.)
      • Bus Station (Include information on the Trolly Boy fight and April Fools' Mini-Adventure's "Hobo Bay" event involving the Hybrid Ring.)
      • City Hall (Separate into four sections: Begging, Green-Shirted Hobo, Windows, and RSPLS. Include Beggar Ring info, RSPLS strategy, Ballerina Rat and Rollerderby Rat info, Oompa Loompa Window puzzle info, etc.)
      • Docks (Put Naans and their prices and effects in a table, include information on Tiny Tim the Tejano Tornado, Wonka Boat, etc.)
      • Liquor Store (Include Adventure information and where to get and when you get the Fake I.D., create a better table of booze you can purchase from there, including when a certain booze is made available there after completing a Canbodian mission.)
      • Night Club (Create the page, add as much information to it as possible, Disco Rat info, info on Night Club stat gain exploit that has been patched, what events you can encounter when you head on to the dance floor, etc.)
      • Park (Include information on the "puzzle" you can solve for a Smart Bread and Adventure information, Winged Rat, etc.)
      • Parking Garage (A lot more information can go here. List off the fighters, put the recruitment guide in there, Fight Club Ring and change in entry fee and fighters, April Fool's Mini Adventure information, etc.)
      • Playground (Create a table for the equipment you can buy from here, include Adventure-related information, mention the fact to you can sell back unequipped rings here for points or Hobalt and a Toy Store ring, etc.)
      • Red Light District (Add information on the RLD's interior explorable area, make a mini-map for the page and upload and use it, mention Adventure-related information, such as the fact that an Everlasting Gobstopper can be destroyed at Mt. Conservation and the cost of making Slugworth immune to Adventure Gear, etc.)
      • Train Station (Include information on what can be found in the boxes.)

  • Chriz
    • HoboWars2 Game History (Add HoboWars2 past updates and community events. For example, include information on Gerta and anything else that caused a buzz in the HW2 community.)
    • Game Staff (Add HoboWars2's game staff, past and present.)
    • Assist Hallwalker.

  • Marios
    • Await further instructions, or assist Morb.

  • Morb
    • Facebook HoboWars Game History (Add FBHW past updates and community events. For example, include pre-Reset information, when FBHW players came over to HW1 to petition for change, when the Reset occurred, the pre-Reset Ghost Mailer incident, and when the "Lite Adventures" and other post-Reset FBHW-unique features were added.)
    • Game Staff (Add Facebook HoboWars's game staff, past and present.)


  • Create a "HoboWars Lite" portal that will house links to FBHW and HA gameplay elements and features.
  • Create a "Version Differences" page detailing the major differences between HoboWars, HoboWars2, Facebook HoboWars, and HoboArena.


  • Include Adventure information and incorporate Adventure Guides into the Help Wiki.

  • Update the Game History page as updates and community events occur.

General To-Do List

  • Skills (Create a better table, add more information, include skill set strategies, etc.)
  • Adventures (Redo the page entirely; link to City, Second City, Hoburbia, and Canbodia pages.)
    • City (Add links to City locations here instead of on the Adventures page.)
    • Second City (Add links to Second City locations here instead of on the Adventures page.)
    • Hoburbia (Add links to Hoburbia locations here instead of on the Adventures page.)
    • Canbodia (Add links to Canbodia locations here instead of on the Adventures page.)
  • Food (Complete the Mechanics section, create a new section detailing the locations of food items, etc.)