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City Hall is at the heart of the Second City Adventures. After the adventure it primarily becomes a place to beg (like the Corner 7/11). It also house to RPSLS, a few rats, the Beggar Ring, and the City Hall Booster Pack.

Begging & Politics

The major downside to begging at City Hall is a reduced income. You will get 50% of your regular begs, or 60% with the City Hall Booster Pack that you can wish for from the Loompa Land Prize Redemption Shaman. Also, more people will drop cash in your cup if you have a high begging level, giving you a potentially higher base beg than at 7/11.

One major advantage of begging at city hall is the rare event of meeting the Deputy Mayor. If you are lucky enough to get this random event, your income and experience will be increased significantly. His boosts are as follows::

  • Base income is doubled.
  • Special reward multipliers are doubled for income.
  • Base experience gain is tripled.
  • Special reward multipliers are tripled for experience gain.
  • Does not multiply boosts from effects, equipment, or other means.

Knocking Rats

Theres a dozen windows to the political center of Second City, what do you do? You spend 2T to knock on each one of course! The results of knocking on the windows gives various minor events, the notable ones being a $20 gain here and losing 10 life there. But if you take a swig of Rat Poison, you have the chance of capturing a Ballerina Rat or Rollerderby Rat.

Green-Shirted Secrets

You'll find a chatty green-shirted hobo always loitering around here. Visiting him while you have a Gold Ring, Hobalt Chunk and Ring Setting causes him to offer a trade for his Beggar Ring. Additionally, chatting with him while wearing the Green Headband and Green Gloves causes him to undress in front of your eyes. While generally unsettling, its worth the view as you'll be confronted by Oompa Loompas whom start a puzzle to unlock the City Hall Booster Pack wish.


Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock, also known as RPSLS, is a game requiring equal parts luck and strategy to win. You unlock it during Day 9 of Second City Adventures.

How The Game Works

RPSLS is a game held by Johnson. The goal of the game is to predict which hand-sign Johnson will use then choose a hand-sign that will beat it. You are limited to 50 games per day. Each round of the game cost 1T. The first round starts off with a $50 bet. Each subsequent round the bet size increases by $50 if you won or decreases by $50 if you lost, the bet size never goes below the $50 minimum. At every increment of $1,250 that you win, you also receive a Smart Bread. The rounds become progressively harder each time you win a Smart Bread. The difficultly, betting size, and Smart Bread prize availability are reset to their default after 24hrs from your first round, allowing you to win more Smart Breads at the easier difficulty.


You notice the bald guy sticking out his tongue slightly... play Rock or Scissors

You notice the bald guy planting both his feet firmly on the ground... play Paper or Spock

You notice the bald guy tucking his thumb inside his fist... play Scissors or Lizard

You notice the bald guy's ear wiggles a little bit... play Lizard or Paper

You notice the bald guy crossing his eyes a little bit... play Spock or Rock

Image Name Solution
rock.gif Rock RPSLSDiagram.png
paper.gif Paper
scissors.gif Scissors
lizard.gif Lizard
spock.gif Spock
goatse2.gif Goatse Goatse crushes soul.
Goatse is a instant-win move only the npc can use. It is randomly played, but becomes more frequent as the betting pot increases.