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The Corner 7/11 is a location in the City. It is the place to go to beg off of random passersby for money.

The Arena is located in the alleyway behind the Corner 7/11. However, you will need an Arena Pass to access it.

The 7/11 also features a large Industrial Bin to rummage through to find various food items and other goodies.

The Trolly Boy, Round 2

Upon your first visit to the Corner 7/11, you will see the Trolly Boy throwing rocks at the store. You will have to fight him again and win if you want to gain access to the Corner 7/11.


One of the major parts of the game is Begging. Many hobos in hobowars decide to become a beggar so they can help support their gang, in addition to themselves. This is the main location where you can beg for cash in Hobowars. For every beg you do you gain more beg stat, which in turn, gains you more money. Once you get to 50 beg stat points, you can start gaining experience while you beg if you purchase the upgrade for $500,000. You must be alive while you are begging in order to gain experience.

You can upgrade your begging even further for more experience.
Begging Level Upgrade Begging Stat Required Money Required
Upgrade to Level 1 50 $500,000
Upgrade to Level 2 100 $1,000,000
Upgrade to Level 3 200 $2,000,000
Upgrade to Level 4 300 $3,000,000
Upgrade to Level 5 500 $5,000,000

For more detailed information, please see the article on Begging.

The Arena

The arena is an area where you can fight Non-Player Characters (NPCs) that are always alive, however their health will only replenish after you defeat them. They have a wide variety of levels of characters you can fight. You can also win special prizes here that vary from Points to Explore Turns to even more donator days. All the fights here do not gain you respect or count against your win/loss record. Before you can fight them, you will need an Arena Pass that you can find while Exploring the city.
For more detailed information, please see the article on the Arena.

Industrial Bin Rummaging

At the cost of 5T, you can do a quick search through the Industrial Bin in an attempt to find some food.

Dumpster Diving Rewards
A light blue background indicates the food is only available if thrown away.
Foods (A-D)
Apple Core
Bachelor Chow
Can of Coke
Can of Pepsi
Chewed Chicken Leg
Chocolate Ice Cream
Cooked Chicken
Day Old Coffee Naan
Discarded Taco Naan
Foods (F-N)
Fighters Lunch
Fresh Apple
Half a Donut
Half a HotDog
Half a Sandwich Naan
Half Eaten Burger
KFC Meal
Meat Pie
New Pizza
Foods (P-Z)
Packet of Fries
Piece of Bread
Piece of Pizza
Pre-Chewed Gum
Raw Chicken Leg
Raw Potato
Roast Beef
Rotten Fish
Smart Bread
Vanilla Ice Cream

Dumpster Rummaging

The Dumpster is the Facebook HoboWars and HoboArena version of the Industrial Bin. It still cost 5T to do a quick search through the Dumpster, however there is an increased assortment of food along with drinks and pawnables. Purchasing a Magnet from the City Pawn will expand the variety of findable items.

Dumpster Diving Rewards
Items that require the Magnet to be found are marked with a light blue background.
Foods (A-G)
Apple Core
Apple Flavored Gum
Bachelor Chow
Bacon Blast Jelly Beans
Beef Mushroom Stew
Beggar's Bouillon
Blueberry Blast Jelly Beans
Can of Coke
Can of Pepsi
Can of Whipped Cream
Candy Cigarette
Chewed Chicken Leg
Chili Pepper
Chocolate Ice Cream
Chocolate Vanilla Swirl Ice Cream
Cinnamon Flavored Gum
Cooked Chicken
Cream of Okra Soup
Crystal Pepsi
Dark Chocolate Wonka Bar
Day Old Coffee Naan
Dippin Dots
Discarded Taco Naan
Faberge Cream Egg
Fish Sticks
Fizzy Falling Soda
Fizzy Lifting Soda
Forest Shroom
Fresh Apple
Fruit by the Furlong
Garlic Clove
Garlic Salmon Bisque
Gummi Gorilla
Gummi Peregrine Falcon
Gummi Raptor
Gummi Spaghetti Monster
Foods (H-Z)
Half a Donut
Half a HotDog
Half a Sandwich Naan
Half Eaten Burger
Hobo Stew
Junior Mints
KFC Meal
Meat Pie
Military Rations
Mountain Dew
Mountain Honeydew Melon
New Pizza
Packet of Fries
Piece of Bread
Piece of Pizza
Pre-Chewed Gum
Quantum Candy
Rainbow Drop
Raw Chicken Leg
Raw Potato
Red Hots
Roast Beef Flavored Gum
Roast Beef
Rotten Fish
Semi-Lasting Gobstopper
Smart Bread
Special Brownie
Sweet Bomb
Texas Fajita Soup
Vanilla Ice Cream
Wonka's Peppermint Spirits
Wonka Bar
Wonka-stripe Candy Cane
Usuable Items
Bloody Knife
Bloody Prisoner Uniform
Dry Ice
Mini Hobot
Old Can of Soup Stock
Smarty Pants
Albino Ale
Aunt Flo Amaretto
Birdbath Gin
Bottle of Bernard's Barbaresco
Bottle of Two Buck Chuck
Boxcar Boxed Wine
Brandy Brand Brandy
Decaf Kahlua
Filthy Leprechaun
Goon Sack
Homeless Hennessy
Irish Cream
Jack Daniel's
John Cuervo Tequila
Montreal Bourbon
Mutton Chop Scotch
Octuple Sec
Portly Stout
Purple Pigeon Vodka
Rev's Rum
Ruiner's Rum
Tapped Keg
Wild Terrier Whiskey
Zima Light
8 Ball
Abandoned Motor
Action Comics 1
Bar-B-Q Grill
Brown Suitcase
Crystal Skull
Empty Keg
Faberge Egg
Fancy Rims
Gold Watch
Harvard Degree
I Love You Bracelet
Metal Suitcase
Ming Vase
Pink Lawn Flamingo
Plasma Screen TV
Purple Heart
Shrunken Head
Signed Basketball
Skull Bong

Scratch off Tickets

You can purchase a Scratch off Ticket from the 7/11 for a chance to win various prizes for only $50 and 1T, ($20 and 1T on Facebook HoboWars but increases to $50 after defeating Silent Rob once you hit level 60). Matching 2 or more will give you a prize.

  • Stats
    • .1 Beg
    • .25 Power, Speed & Strength
    • 25 Max Life
    • .5 Intel
    • .5 Power
    • .5 Speed
    • .5 Strength
    • 1 Power
    • 1 Speed
    • 1 Strength
    • 10 Max Life
    • 20 Max Life
  • Cash
    • $30
    • $60
    • $90
    • $300
    • $900
    • $1,200
    • $3,000
    • $10,000
  • Toothpuff
    • Scratching a Toothpuff doubles the cash prize you would receive for each toothpuff.