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Points are a currency and a resource on Hobowars.

How Points Can be Used

  • Points can be used to refill your Awake, bringing your Awake back up to 100.
  • Points can be used to buy certain rings at the Toy Store.
  • 50 points may be used to buy a Donator Pack.
  • Points can be sold on the SGHM or to Walmart for a monetary profit.
  • Points can be donated to your gang.
  • Points can be transferred from player to player.
  • Points can be used to gain more explore turns.
  • Points can be traded for Tokens.
  • Points can be used to buy lottery tickets or used in donations of lottos at Lotto Land.
  • 100 points are used in the first purchase of a Bernard Special Item.

How to Get Points

  • Points can be purchased through the SGHM.
  • 15 Points will be added to your hobo through activating a Donator Pack.
    • In addition to 31 donator days.
  • Points can be obtained through a point transferal from another player or from your gang.
  • Points can be obtained by completing Point Offers.
  • Points can be bought with real-life money.
    • 5 Points cost $1 USD. Points are available from $5 up to $200 in a single transaction.
  • Points can be awarded as a prize for winning a fight at the Old Man's Arena.
  • Points can be awarded as a begging reward.
  • Points can be won with a winning lottery ticket.