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Tokens are the official currency of Cart Racing on Hobowars. You start out the game with 1,000 tokens, however you can't spend any of it until level 15. Then you can buy a Cart and/or Cart Parts to Cart Race on Suicide Hill from Big Ben's Parts or Pete's Garage.

More detailed information on all racing related token uses and gains can be found on the Cart Racing page.

Ways You Can Gain Tokens

- Cart Racing at Dirty Greg's Wrecker (Suicide Hill) or The Dirty Hill (Northern Fence)
- Buying tokens at the SGHM
- Selling a Cart
- Selling Cart Parts
- Exchanging Points for tokens at the Exchange Shop (1 point per 1000 Tokens)
- Using Money to purchase tokens at the Exchange Shop (100 dollars per token)
- Borrowing some from your gang or gang token pool
- Loans from other Hobos
- Cart Racing Sponsors
- Holding a Winning Lottery Ticket
- Transfers from other players

Ways to Spend your Tokens

- Buying a Cart
- Buying Cart Parts
- Selling tokens at the SGHM for money
- Donation to gang to help other members
- Transfers to other players
- Buying Lottery Tickets or making donations in Lottery pools at Lotto Land
- Once per day you can exchange 50,000 Tokens For 50 Awake