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Point Offers are a way to obtain Points for your hobo. Some point offers are free and require only a small amount of interaction by you, while some point offers require a 3rd party purchase on your part.

The way Point Offers work is when you access or buy from these 3rd parties, a small "referral" payment is made to Andy and he rewards you for this payment by giving you points. You only receive points once he receives the payment or confirmation of payment.

Unfortunately some of you will have difficulties being credited with points from the offers that you sign up to. Even some members of staff don't always (if at all) receive points. This is not Andy's fault as he will not be credited either. If this happens, then this will be the main reason why you haven't got the points you've expected. For this we apologize but there is nothing that we can do.

Please do not post every incident of points not being credited. Failure to abide by this notice will result in a MB ban.

Q. How often may I do the point offers?
A. You may be credited for the offers ONCE per calendar month. Any more than that, and you will be jailed. If you do one and it does not work, wait 10 days before trying it again.
Q. Is there a way I can increase my chances of getting credited?
A. We recommend that you delete your cookies after every offer you try. This was suggested by someone in staff, though this hasn't been completely confirmed to work.
Q. If you sell your points at SGHM, is the money put into your bank account, or is your hobo walking around with it in his pocket until you log on and put it into your piggy bank?
A. Money from selling at the SGHM gets put right into your bank account, not your pocket.
Q. How do you exchange points for awake?
A. If you have 5 points, Click the Refill? link on your awake bar or in your Living Area to receive a full awake bar.