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Adventures are interactive stories that usually introduce new game features and are gradually completed over the course of a couple weeks.


Originally, there was two paths the adventures took: a long drawn out interactive series available on HoboWars 1, and "Lite Adventures" available on Facebook Hobowars. Eventually, HoboWars 2 used the interactive series sets from HoboWars 1 and Hobo Arena used the Lite Adventures.

After 3 long series on HoboWars 1, there was a shift towards keeping the theme but reducing the time set away from having multiple days to allow a "Mini Adventure" to be completed within a single day.

Finally, a fourth longer adventure set was composed for the purpose of helping new hobos to the different basic game aspects.

Eventually, the 3 original adventures series from HoboWars 1 and 2 were introduced to Facebook. However the fourth "Intro" Adventures was not transferred.


Adventures are usually comprised of tasks that need to be completed before the next task can be started. Additionally, after completing a task, there is usually a delay on when the next task can be started. Once an Adventure is fully completed, it cannot be restarted or played through again.

Almost all of the items you find and use during the Adventures and stored in the Unusually Large Backpack.

Main Adventures

Currently, four main Adventures have been released. The distinction of these sets is that the story line is drawn out across the course of several days. However, the completion of the entire series yields a very important update that will undoubtedly help your hobo.

It is unknown if there are currently plans in the works to release more, however Cube, during a recent interview, hinted that there might be another one in the mix soon.

Intro Adventures

Exclusive to HoboWars and HoboWars2, the Intro Adventures take place in the City. They are comprised of multiple tasks designed to introduce new players to the game.

Your life as a hobo begins when the Old Man takes your Cardboard Box from you and has you see Duncan to complete various tasks for him in order to get it back.

All new players are automatically thrust into the Intro Adventures. All other players have the option to start it or to permanently hide the option to start it. A more detailed run down of the adventures

Note: Facebook and Arena versions do NOT contain the Intro Adventure set.

Second City Adventures

The Second City Adventures take place in Second City, and are comprised of 19 "days". The story is a rough parody of "The Lord of the Rings". This was the original release of "adventures" and features an interactive series of tasks that had to be completed to unlock the next "day" after 24 hours. Not completing the tasks would prevent you from advancing on.

This Adventure begins at the The Short Bus in the city with your first task; obtain the Bus Pass. There are dozens of unique items that are found and used through the adventure.

At the completion of the series resulted in not only several unique items found during the course, but the grand prize: Hobo Grail

Hoburbia Adventures

The Hoburbia Adventures take place in Hoburbia, and are comprised of 23 "days". The story is a rough parody of "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory". It was released roughly a year after Second City, but you did not need to complete the entire previous series to advance. (A change was made years later that made someone complete Second City in its entirety before beginning this set)

This Adventure begins when you attempt to gain entry to the Bowling Alley's restroom. It's locked, and the key is with a man at the Old Man's Arena. Defeat him to get the key.

Each day unlocks a new candy at the Candy Store and a new location in The Hoburbs. After completing the series, you get a super cool reward of 3 Wishes. You can redeem these wishes at the Loompa Land.

Canbodia Adventures

The Canbodia Adventures take place in Canbodia, and are comprised of 18 "missions". The story is a rough parody of "Apocalypse Now". There was a change of term from "mission" to "day", but the structure was the same. It was released a little over a year after the Hoburbia Adventure series, and was setup the same in that you did not need to complete Hoburbia entirely to begin Canbodia. A change was later made to reverse that decision and now you need to finish all of Hoburbia to begin Canbodia.

This Adventure begins with the arrival of some punks in the City. You need to find the Hatch in the city. The location is found at your Lucky Numbers. (If you don't know them, eat a Wonka Bar, check the wrapper at the Nursing Home for some coordinates). and explore the City to locate the place they are coming from.

Each after a mission is completed, a new alcoholic beverage and a new stop on the Canbodian River are unlocked. When you finish all of the missions, you get the King's Cup that amplify the amount you gained from drinks.

Mini Adventures

The Mini Adventures are shorter interactive stories that still usually introduce a new game feature, but have a storyline separate from that on the Main Adventures' that can usually be completed within a day. There are 3 mini adventures and a number of lite adventures involved a numerous amount of areas in the game. These adventures are not available on every version, and some are exclusive to a single one. The Complete List and Locations of all Mini and Lite Adventures