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The Hoburbs is a suburban area located on the outskirts of Hoburbia. It is the home of garage sales, gated communities, mischievous middle-class kids, crazy hobos, a variety of pawnable items, and the famous Neighborhood Watch organization.


The only thing you can do in the Hoburbs is explore it.


For 5T, you can explore the Hoburbs for various items and nice little bonuses. As with the Red Light District and the Canbodian River, you need to be alive in order to explore it. It is not recommended to explore the Hoburbs while Zombified and dead, since you won't be able to win any of the fights you run into.

List of Common Events

The following is a list of events you can encounter while exploring the Hoburbs.

"Mowing" the Old Lady's Lawn
  • Reward:
    • Cash

Jackpot in the Mailbox

  • Reward:
    • Cash

Jimmy Carter

  • Reward:
    • Experience

Emptying the Recycling Bins

Battle with a Hoburbs Hobo!

  • Opponent: Hoburbs Hobo
    • Rewards:
      • Levelable Gear Experience
      • ( Power / Speed / Strength )

Begging at the Gated Community!

  • Reward:
    • A regular begging session.

Begging at the Doubly Gated Community!

  • Reward:
    • A begging session that nets you 50% more begging income and begging experience than usual.

Dungeons and Dragons and Nerds, Oh My!

  • Rewards:
    • +5 Constitution (+5 Max Life)
    • +1 Dexterity (+1 Speed)
    • +1 Endurance (+1 Power)
    • +1 Strength (+1 Strength)
    • +0.1 Charisma (+0.1 Begging)
    • +0.5 Wisdom (+0.5 Intelligence)
Kids Can't Shoot Marbles

The Buried Suitcase

A Run-In with the Gardener

A Run-In with the Jogger

Metallic Awesomeness

This is a Birdnapping!

It's My Barbie Now

The Party's Aftermath

I'm a Hobo, Not a Doctor...

Mailboxes Don't Like Pimped-Out Cars...

Is That Micheal Jordan's Signature?!

Indiana Jones Has Lost It

Terrier Liberation!

The Old Man at the Dead End

Sweet! Sidewalk Gum!

Scavenging the Compost Bins

Those Scheming Teenagers...

Helping Out the Dreadlocked Dude

  • Reward:

List of Special Events

The following is a list of uncommon events that have prerequisites to fulfill.

The Garage Sale
  • Requires cash on hand for purchases:

The Neighborhood Watch

Wrong Street, Cohen... (One Time Event)
  • Requirements:
  • Reward:
    • A new Hoburbs Event — Oh Not-So-Sweet Lemonade!

Oh Not-So-Sweet Lemonade! (One Time Event)

  • Requirements:
  • Reward:
    • Lemonade